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So close yet So far. 0

This movie had on of the best trailers I've seen at that moment in time. i was so excited for the release of this movie. but this movie was extremely falsely advertised . Let me give you the desert before the veggies . The action and the special effects was good. I wasn't really bored and any moment of the movie. And the ending left me with possibly hopes of a sequel. Also Storm should more use of her powers. Now her is a list of negative thought about the movie.1. Cyclopes my favorite x-men cha...

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Good But a little Over Hyped 0

First of all let me explain the good in this movie. I'm glad that they actually gave Nick Fury a role in the movie. It was nice that he just didn't show up and leave. It was very realistic that hawkeye ran out of arrows and had to reuse some off of dead aliens. i enjoyed the relationship between Sr. banner and Tony which Is my favorite scene between two characters. It was a great fan survive that Hulk tried to lift Thor's hammer. This movie had the best final battle scene; Thor and Cap movies wa...

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