In Thor we trust!

I have never been a (Marvel) Thor's fan. Perhaps I did not read enough of issues, or read the wrong ones (Straczynski's 'Rebirth' clearly, could not be call that, aaay?). I have never planned to buy the first issue of MN's 'Thor, God of Thunder' and I didn't do it for two weeks since it hit the stores. I have seen however, a 5 star reviews of it, and at the every step I made people were telling me how great the comic is. My curiosity took over the reason. Thanks to the great deal with my comic book provider I'm now an owner of both issue 1 and 2 (lucky bastard, I know) and GOD, I love them.

So why is that? What made me to believe in a god again?

First of all it is due to the glory art. The books are sexy. What the artist Esad Ribic achieves with both colourists, Dean White (issue 1) and Ive Svorcina (issue 2) is a comic art in it's finest. It belong to these books, in which you don't need to read the story, just awe the panels, the pages, one by one, from the first to the last, and when you finish... You want to do it again! If you don't believe me, well, I am not the only one who feels like that. In the afterword to the second issue, Jason Arron writes: 'Say what you will about my clumsy wordmongering, but by Odin, this may damn well be the best-mlooking comic book on the stands'. Well, it really may true believers, but have no worries, Aaron is not clumsy at all. 'The God Butcher' is well thought story with the great idea in its spine. It slides into different periods of our god's life. As the writer likes to puts it, 'you get three Thors in the price of one'. We get :

- Young Thor, unexperienced one, who fights on the side of Vikings at the time he still is not worthy enough to be able to lift the Mjolnir.

- Thor the Avenger, Thor as we know him, all powerful protector of Midgard.

- Thor the King, the last god of Asgard, with no one to listen to his orders, who's last wish is a proud journey to Valhalla.

As great as it sounds, one may wonder, 'how the hell does it work'? One reason it does is The God Butcher, a bad ass villain no one can compare to... I better shut my mouth here and do not spoil anything more. I'll finish off by telling you that the book is filled with mysticism. It also have this special atmosphere, the vibe, the dynamism that will not allow you to forget about it. Surely, 'The God Butcher' is the arc you don't want to miss. I know I won't. I will buy another three issues and only then decide what to do next.

Ps. Clearly due to my origins I was well exited to meet my brothers Slavs somewhere on the way in the issue 2, but by Odin, why would their gods have to be represented as petty bastards? Well, I made my peace with it, in the end it is only Thor's perception of them. A perception ;).