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How come everyone thought that Tobi was Obito(I know he is)? Everyone just assumed. By the way, in ch.599, we learn that Tobi is Obito.

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I think that this has the potential to be a cool series. Being a lifelong Spidey fan, I can't say that I love how this turned out, but that was what we had to expect it to happen. If it didn't happen this way, then it would've been a pretty much pointless story. This variant cover is sort of a major spoiler for those who haven't read the issue, but I think it's a pretty good cover.

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It was kinda obvious that Doc Ock was going to die even if you haven't read ASM 700, if you read 698 or 699, then you'd be able to tell that he'd die.

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Is this the reason that Mr.Fantastic didn't reply to Beast's call for help in All New X-Men 4? Isn't Hank Pym supposed to be like the scientist supreme , if so, then why not ask him for help, or Beast( I know Beast is dying, but Reed doesn't know that).

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Daken possibly? Or someone with access to the Muramusa blades, maybe Muramasa himself? I agree with N_Tense about possibly Daken or Gorgon. Unrelated, I personally loved the 90's X-Men show.