My Character....

Name: Damon Allistair

Age: 250 years old

Birthplace: Earth

Powers and abilities: Matter/energy manipulation on a planetary scale except he cannot manipulate living things(plants, animals, people, aliens) except for himself. This power are governed by confidence much like gladiator. At 100% confidence he can manipulate matter on a planetary scale. At lower levels of confidence the scale at which he can manipulate matter shrinks considerably. At 50% he can only manipulate an area the size of Texas. At 25% no larger than a city the size of New York. At 0% this power ceases to work.

(These powers are not governed by his confidence level)

Flight at speeds up to 1500(may create wormholes in the vacuum of space) miles per hour

Class 75 super strength

Superhuman durability matching Black Bolt

Superhuman Stamina

Telepathic Resistance

Notable personality traits: Anxiety caused by childhood trauma causes his confidence to fluctuate wildly and as such he rarely displays full confidence and tends to not use his powers to the fullest.

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