Gotta give em credit

You gotta give "batman the animated series", some credit because it was one of the first shows to really change the batman legacy to what we enjoy today. In 1992 producers Bruce timm and Eric Radomski had a vision to change the old, bright baby blue tights batman, to a darker, mysteriouse, emotionless batman. It was they're visions that changed batman forever. Even though they had to somewhat sensor the amount of violence and darkness of the show(due to it being aired on fox kids),they still pulled off a whole new concept of batman and his popularity skyrocketed. And I think we all can agree that the batman in the 40s through 90s is definetly not the same as who he is today. Two totally different personalities. They also voice casted very well. They found a man who's name is kevin conroy who does mostly all of batmans major voice rolls even today.Things such as arkham city and arkham asylum. Not to mention mark Hamill who is known for his epic joker laugh. Like I said you gotta give em credit.

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