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>.> what do you mean? I'm me. lol.

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Opened for Feral Nova ^_^ looks like a good thread, she set it up really well.

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A giant ball of fire lit up the area like a miniature sun for the smallest of moments.

That small moment was in turn crushed by the eternal darkness of a night in a forest steeped in sorcery and magic of a different kind. Christopher had been on the scene early as usual though he waited on the fringe of the forest until it was time for the round to start. Apparently on the opposite end of the woods was where he had been told to appear, the light in the sky told him that it was time to begin the round in earnest. Though with his next step he was beset by the appearance of a hand upon his shoulder, from out of nowhere it had appeared and he immediately took it to be his enemy. A blast of dark energy surged from him to rid himself of the grip but it seemed to be all rather pointless. As soon as the air cleared he saw the person that the hand belonged to, quite protected from his magic and looking only a little worried.

"I take it you're not my opponent."

"Correct." She answered as she retracted her hand and folded both of them in front of her rather nervously. "I was wondering when you would finally try to enter so when you moved so suddenly I got worried. There are special instructions for this round. Equipment."

"So a Duel."

The caster nodded and waved her hand to have three items appear in front of her, a necklace, a cloak and a broom. The latter item was something that he comprehended given his location, even the cloak he took a guess at but the necklace seemed to be the most mystical one. He folded his arms and waited patiently for an explanation of each thing in turn though he was more interested in another detail that the woman, young by his standards, could supply him with.

"Which one did my opponent choose?"

"I'm afraid that I can't tell you that. An unfair advantage would be completely out of the question." Though her body language betrayed her fear she stood her ground admirably.

Christopher contemplated only a moment. He knew that she would be protected from his magic due to some personal ward or the protection of the contest, it was likely that the same could be said for any physical harm he could inflict. Though that did not eliminate all avenues. His only response to her statement was hand dropping to the board that was strapped to his side. He tapped upon it sharply. The sound rang out like a gavel from a judge, quieting the forest chatter for a moment. With the younger caster already in a state of nervousness her eyes jerked towards the board and those of Christopher became glazed over with a blue glow.

A motion through time and perception pulled the necromancer out of his body.

The past of the witch was laid out before him, starting nearly two hours ago. He watched from behind her eyes as she walked the halls of a grand building. Peers surrounded her and she made light conversation with them, a laugh passed her lips. Happiness, anticipation and even a bit of excitement coursed through her body. Christopher let the situation blur and speed up as he sorted through what he truly wanted and paused when she received her paperwork. An older man, a superior perhaps. One with glasses and a kind face. His very presence caused the woman to fluster and he felt the papercut that ensued when she snatched her orders.

"That will be all Catherine."

He watched through blue eyes as the young witch was dismissed and read the names carefully, the name of his opponent and his own. There were pictures and descriptions of them both. It was then that he learned he would be fighting a woman. While he experienced this past he felt the odd sensation of admiration or at least some form of deep respect as the young with glanced over his name. Christopher made note of it and let the vision wheel forward again, spinning and skipping like a record player in hailstorm until it came to the part of her day when she had met his opponent. A woman named Stephanie.

He watched the exchange take place and chuckled at the antics of them both, a slow smile spread across his face that was not born of happiness. The young witch had been irritated when Stephanie passed up any explanation of the items at large, though it was something that the necromancer found wonderful in an of itself. He watched as the witch Catherine left in a huff without the desire to give more information but not without pausing behind a nearby rock to watch the direction of travel.

Then the scene merged with the present and Christopher shattered the vision to return.

"Thankyou." He said with a cheerful smile that disarmed the situation. "I'll take the necklace Miss Catherine. You uphold your station well, take care."

With that he slowly took the necklace from the air and doubled the chain around his right wrist, he cinched it down to act as a bracelet instead of a necklace. She never had the chance to see the glow over his eyes as they faded immediately and then he suddenly vanished without so much as a trace. Much like the witch had left the other opponent only moments ago Christopher had left Catherine to deal with him leaving before she could say anymore. The Rook granted him instantaneous movement to the starting point that the woman had originally occupied. He moved like a ghost through the fog as his Ninja training from a far off time came into place. While he wasn't sure where she was at exactly he had a good idea from the vision and from the signal flare that was sent up earlier. Two swords appeared in his hands, the bag at his side became two pieces lighter as Vim and Vigor appeared for his wielding pleasure.

Much like the last tournament he had come with his board and all of his pieces. The shogi board was strapped to his left with consecrated bindings made from withered tendons and blood while the pieces were in a bag at his opposite side of the same material. A lofty motion propelled him into the air, the branch made no noise as it accepted him and allowed him to leap for another. Werewolves on the ground were being avoided, they would have as much chance of stalling him as brick and mortar did with a ghost. He drew up in a tree above his opponent. The branch where he perched was three stories above his opponent, he had nearly passed her by because of the rolling fog but a slight breeze made it scarce cover. With his swords held down at his sides he announced himself in the way that he would against an old shinobi enemy. Two warriors of darkness that had met for an honorable duel. There would be no assassination against this one as it wasn't necessary. Her strategy had already revealed itself when she brashly accepted the necklace without explanation, a long term plan would not be in her future.

"I take it we are to do battle. Miss Stephanie."


  • Christopher is a strategist by nature and normally will take any advantage over his opponent, often exploiting those that run straight into thing without information.
  • Many years ago Barkins was a shinobi of ancient teachings but in his history he left his village to look for a way to cure a disease that plagued them. It led to a journey to gain his necromancer powers but his original training and powers never deserted him which enables the classical abilities of all shinobi such as stealth.
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new battle needed o.o last one was fun to read xD

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I'm fine with it.

Btw for the person that asked earlier :U I'm Barkins.

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O.o excellent! I've advanced. Good luck to everyone ^^ and I loved writing with ya Warsman.

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o.O I won? Well thanks Warzy! I love threading with you, let's write together again sometime.

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Darn D: seems as though Warsman ain't gunna post again.

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Gives me an idea seeing this.

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