Kill Aunt May

Ever since Marvel decided that Aunt May was more important to Peter Parker/Spiderman than some major episodes in his life I have been disappointed with how his world is now.  Though more a fan of Gwen Stacy than Mary Jane.  Gwen was dead and he was with Mary Jane. Fine, I could live that.   They finally killed Harry Osborn which was good since he was always a pale imitation to his father in my opinion.   And  I know part of the reason for changing things was to give Peter his secret identity back, which they should have never revealed to the world in the first place.   Just like Clone Saga, which they  messed up and almost told us pretty much everything we knew was a lie.  Just like now in OMIT, they're giving us stupid ways to change Spiderman history.  If you read the first part of the OMIT story line, you know what i'm talking about.
Now for my real argument for killing off Aunt May.   I don't think she's that great of a supporting character.  Instead of all these near deaths, a real death would have alot more meaning in Peter's life.  Quit teasing me and just kill her off already. 
In "What If" 46 way back in 1984 was a story of if Uncle Ben had lived.  In the story Aunt May dies instead and eventually Ben finds out why.  But instead of being a sickly, frail person Peter always has to worry about, Ben is a mentor telling Peter to fight crime not out of guilt but to do some good in the world.  Though in the story their are some bumps in the road Peter is better off with someone who knows his secret and can give advice.  Not someone he has to hide part of his life from and to worry about all the time. 
I'm not  saying they bring back Uncle Ben,  but quit trying to keep him so young.  Read Ultimate Spiderman if what you want is a younger spiderman.   Making  him in his 20's and married without a mother figure(Aunt May)  doesn't make Peter seem old.  I've known alot of married people when they were in their 20's.  It doesn't make them seem older or more mature.  They weren't. 


Comic Book Prices

I was just wondering how many comics people get a month.  At $4 for a newstand edition your comic book hobby can get quite pricey.  Not to mention instead of making stories self contained, they come out with all this mini series to tell all of the story.  And of course they're $4 a copy also.   
That's why i'm much pickier about what I buy anymore.  I'm also lucky that there is a used book store that buys and sells comics down the street from me.  For only 1 or 2 dollars you can get pretty new comics there.  And of course there is subscriptions which can cut the price in half.