With the Creeper confirmed to return in DC's WTF Certified month (presumably in Nightwing #19) I've been insanely curious....what does DC have planned for him? What could be so shocking that we readers would say WTF?!?

Here is list of theories

  • He's made the switch to villain- Creeper has always had a mercurial relationship with other heroes and has gotten on the bad side of a great deal of them including Batman (who actually exiled him from Gotham post-crisis), Katana, Timber Wolf and more sometimes do to mind control or misunderstanding and sometimes just do to his own insanity. Most of his career has been spent as an outlaw, could he make the full switch? or possibly more intriguing..could he be working as a double agent in the new Secret Society? Its not like he hasn't done it before.
  • He Is No Longer Insane and/or a Demon- Bleeding Cool says that DC told them that "an old, new Creeper" would be showing up. could they possibly be referring to older interpretations character such as Len Kaminski's, Kieth Giffen's or even Steve Ditko's original version of the character? This also brings me to my next guess........
  • Creeper is not Jack Ryder- Even though Jack Ryder has been shown to exist in the New 52 (he did a story about Batgirl, if i recall correctly) and the familiar version of the Creeper cameo-ed in JLI, its not hard to believe that DC would replace them similarly to how they have with Metamorpho/Element Woman and Hal Jordan/Baz. Could DC try replacing Jack with alternate Creepers such as Madeleine Benoir to increase gender diversity or could this possibly another attempt to embrace the recent demonic element added to the character.

anyway, those are just a couple of ideas

What do YOU think is going to happen to the Creeper in the New 52?

Edit:Guess what kiddies!!! he's done ALL FREAKING 3!!!!!!! stupid DC......

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