Who would you like to see in Hickman's Avengers?

With Marvel NOW coming up, I am ridiculously happy to say that Bendis is FINALLY off Avengers! THANK GOD. According to the solicits, Jonathan Hickman will be taking over the Earth's Mightiest Heroes, and hopefully he can undo some of the damage done during Bendis's absolutely unreadable run on the title. Personally, I would like to see the return of some classic Avengers like Black Panther or the Wasp(cause really it's about time they brought her back). I would also like to see Hickman use more B-list characters and get away from the "Bendis Belief"- the idea that a character is only good enough to be an Avenger if they're already being featured in three other books(I'm looking at you, Wolverine). I have high hopes for Hickman's run, and honestly we all know it will be better than anything Bendis ever wrote no matter what. So what about you guys? Who are you itching to see in the upcoming Avengers series?