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Born on the Brink of Two Worlds

The Magi are a sect who are compelled by the laws of nature to police the Underworld. They have what appear to be magical powers and basically, they're the lawkeepers for demons, harpies etc. Her mother was a Magi, her father a Hunter, part of a group of men and woman tasked with hunting down rogue supernatural creatures. Her father ended allying himself with her mother and things progressed from there. They both broke the laws of their own organizations to be together and Alexandra (Lex) was born from this unholy union.

Her parents broke ties with their families and abdicated from their duties in order to raise her as normally as possible. No powers. No killing. No hunting. Her mother established herself as a PI and her father as a member of the NYPD. They were happy and they were content. Until they weren't, that is. Upon the eve of her seventh birthday, the Magi and the Hunters launched a cohesive manhunt for her family. There was no warning. None of her parents contacts pulled through.

Darcy and Christopher Brennan were slaughtered in a way so brutal that it shan't be mentioned, all before the eyes of their eight year old daughter, Lexi. The Magi and Hunters were not known for their remorse or restraint, but what they did know was that they had before them something hitherto unknown. A hybrid of two factions who had forever been at odds with each other, despite their endgames occasionally lining up. There were choices and great debates about what to do with her, all taking place in front of the shell-shocked girl with the blonde hair stained pink from her parent's blood.

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They came to a consensus. She'd be taken by the Magi and leashed, trained, used. She'd become their tool, they'd raise her up in the perfect image and maybe one day she'd unite the two. But in order to take possession of Alexandra's soul (an ability that was inherent to them), they first had to drain the life from her. It wasn't a fast process and it wasn't an easy one. They killed off her human body through a torturous drowning and transferred her soul to the Underworld.

They now had full control over her actions, over what she could and couldn't do. An eleven year old girl, who'd only ever known a loving family and here she was in a quite literal Hell. But you see, Hell isn't always what we think of it to be. It's not all brimstone and fire, there are different sections, different levels and different venues, so to speak.

Forged in the Fires of Hell

Time passes differently in Hades' domain. Part of that is because it's literally torturous there, the other part is because it is truly an entirely different realm. Alexandra was held there for three years, but in the human realm, it would have amounted to approximately five and she'd aged accordingly. Lexi absolutely refuses to go into the specifics of what happaned there, but every now and then, she relives it through night terrors and traumatizing flashbacks.

For the first year, she was tortured almost continuously and dehumanized in every way possible. She was treated as a possession, as an object and made to think of herself as worthless. For a time there, she actually forgot her own name, all she was referred to as was a Greek alphabetical designation - Theta. That was all she was, seemingly all she ever would be.

After being deemed to be sufficiently meek and cowed, her journey truly began. The first step of her metamorphosis was a ritual branding; an 'M' across her right eye. Only it wasn't your run of the mill tattoo, it was keyed into her DNA structure and it was the delineation of her Magi heritage, a marking that all of Hades' law enforcers so to speak, wore.

With that, her training began. They slowly built her up, made her feel that she was worth something, that everything she had was because of them. All memories of her childhood had been blocked out as a defense measure. When you are placed in a position, whether it's kidnapping or the death of family, that makes your life so absolutely miserable and without hope, your mind will sometimes block out the happy times - you can't miss what you never had. That's what happened here.

She was trained to be a pinnacle of perfection. Learning intricate hand to hand combat that was known only to the Magi as well as the tactics and planning that were key traits for the Hunters.There she also learned to blend her powers with the skills that she'd been taught. As a Magi, she inherited a whole host of powers.

Breaking the Chains

The rigorous training and field tests lasted for approximately two years (Hell Time) straight. Pushed to the brink constantly, always given new challenges. The Magi had managed to shape a weapon unlike any other. She was obedient to a fault, having suppressed everything in the world that made her an individual, that made her a human being (if you could call her one to begin with). The final mission to prove her worthiness was, ironically, a hunting expedition for a cell of five Hunters. These Hunters had betrayed the frayed deal that they'd worked out with the Magi and the retribution for that betrayal was to be swift and brutal.

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So in a karmic move of perceived justice, the Magi sent Theta after them. She tracked them to their location, breached their security and killed all but one with little effort. They were well trained, but nobody had encountered the likes of her before.

Acclimating to Independence

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