New 52 - Captain Comet and K'rot

So, I've perused a few titles of the DC New 52 and as I glanced through the issues of Threshold, I was pretty surprised to see the new design of Captain Carrot and a couple of Zoo Crew members, Alley Kat Abra and Pig Iron. I was giddy as I loved these characters in my younger days... and then I thought, really DC, are you seriously trying to match the strange attraction of Marvel's Rocket Raccoon? I also caught up with Action Comics and saw Captain Comet making appearances. He's been an interesting character over the years with varying degrees of success. Though, honestly, he seems a bit touched in the head currently. Then I remembered how I would imagine a team in the 'real' DC Universe would look based on Earth-C's Zoo Crew and things got interesting. Reading Captain Carrot growing up, I wondered why isn't there a team of human characters like them. After all, there was the team of Justa Lotta Animals based off the Justice League of America. So I decided to try to find a reasonable way to build a team in the New 52, without going the way of talking critters. So, let's see what we have...

I have always seen Captain Comet as the human counterpart of Captain Carrot. The names are similar. The powers are similar. Comet can be a leader as much as the bunny in spandex. So he's my top choice the team's #1 spot. With the new 52's take, though, he'd be a little extreme and eccentric. Maybe forming a team to aid in the progress of evolution among others who represent different aspects of human potential. Separating from the giant telepathic beans that have been using him or whatever that craziness is currently happening to him.

Witchfire has become my choice for a human counterpart for Alley Kat-sorry, Sleen. Not using characters from Justice League/Justa Lotta, so Zatanna would out. Plus, she probably wouldn't work with cosmic type stories (which my team would be focused in part). Besides, Witchfire is an awesome character and looks good, too. There really isn't anyone in DC that matches Sleen's character description that I'm aware. A martial arts instructor gifted with mystic abilities. There is Meridian Mychaels, a favorite of mine, who knows martial arts and self-defense but she's a teleporter and one who is strictly limited to traveling along Earth's ley lines. So, my choice for #2 spot on the team is Witchfire who would also keep Comet in check.

Apparently, in the entire history of comics, there has never been one character named Rubber Man, which would be an apt replacement for Rubberduck. It's strange really. There's Rubber Maid and Rubberband Man. There is Flexo the Rubber Man but that's a robot. So, Plastic Man, will have to work. I've never really liked Plas's look, though. To me, he looks like a jigalo swimmer or a poolside pimp. Maybe if they took his sleeves and covered his legs, he'd look better. I don't know, but he's the only one capable of being Byrd Reynolds's human counterpart. Though, I would try to use Nucloid from Kingdom Come, if it were possible. He'd fit better with the theme of the team. (Nucloid, by the way, is nowhere on this site. For shame, Viners, for shame.)

Yes, folks, Stargirl would be my choice for the main DC counterpart of Yankee Poodle. After exploring all the possibilities of female magnetic manipulators in the DC universe - Magenta, Aura, Lodestone - I was so close to picking Magenta, but then heard how Stargirl's costume was supposed to be inspired by the power poodle, that I decided Comet's mental instability was enough for the team and Magenta had to be struck from the list. Besides, Stargirl is a popular character with cosmic abilities and her attitude would do her well dealing with Captain Crazy.

Another character I always felt would be a counterpart of a Zoo Crew member is Steel. Obviously the counterpart of Pig Iron but with brains. I like the idea of having him on the team and because he's an intelligent guy that can work things out, Steel would share the #2 spot with Witchfire, if not put her in third himself.

Lastly, for the speedster of the team, Fastback's counterpart would obviously be Fastbak of the New Gods. Having created his aeropads, Fastbak can reach incredible speeds, and apparently he has an incredible singing voice. Another good choice for a cosmic themed team, I would think. As with Plastic Man, however, he desperately needs a wardrobe change. Poor guy looks like an elf at Santa's Village.

And there it is, my idea of a counterpart team of the Zoo Crew. They would need a name, of course. Something beginning with Z, perhaps Zeta or Zero or both. There is the question of the two later members of the team Little Cheese and American Eagle. I was never impressed with either, but have to say I would throw in the new 52's Little Knipper just to see what could happen.


Wow, I haven't been on here in ages!

A whole two years since I've written a blog here?! Holy crow! Where has the time gone and what have I been doing with it? Such is the nature of new relationships and jobs, I suppose. So I'm back and will hopefully be more active. I love this place and the new look. It's pretty sleek!

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Lantern Ring Selection - Sentience Solely Required?

Is sentience a major factor in the selection process of any of the Lantern Corps rings?  This question has been on my mind since reading Dex-starr's origin story.  The cat is from Earth and appears to be a normal, average Earth cat until he is taken by the ring, doles out 'justice' to the murderers, and is show having thought balloons.  So, do power rings make selections based on sentience alone or does the candidate have to be intelligent, self-aware, and able to reason?  I like Dex-starr, don't get me wrong, but to the best of my knowledge, not just any living creature can be a lantern.  Sure, there's lanterns like Leezle Pon and Despotellis along with Bzzd and Matris Ater Clementia.  Of course, there's also Mogo and Dkrtzy.  The things that all of these have in common is not only are they sentient (they have the ability to percieve and sense things), but they are all intelligent and able to communicate.  If that's the case with Dex-starr, then he is either a) not really of Earth or b) an evolved Earth cat which unfortunately happened to be taken by a red power ring.  So what's the deal?  Basically, nearly every living creature has the lowest level of sentience.  They can sense, feel, percieve their surroundings to some degree.  But shouldn't Lantern selection require more like self-awareness or conciousness?  Or maybe, since this all revolves around the emotional spectrum, perhaps all that is required is really emotional awareness?  Animals can emote, but do they understand what it's all about?  Strange questions, I know, but it'd be nice to have a clearer understanding regarding the Rage Kitty.


Bill Baggett for Orange Lantern!

 If there's ever to be an Earth Lantern for each Corps, then Bill Baggett certainly fits the bill for an Orange Lantern.  Yeah, what's currently going on in the GL titles probably won't stick but it's fan service at it's finest - just like the Blackest Night deputy lanterns.  Anyway, not only is Bill a perfect candidate for greed (cuz we all know Hector Hammond wasn't hasn't been used well) but the character would come from previously established Green Lantern mythos and stories wouldn't have to rely on outside characters, such as Lex Luthor.  Bill Baggett would be the best choice for Orange Lantern and would add some extra punch to Hal Jordan's rogue's gallery - which, small as it may be, hasn't seen much press in the current run.  Come on, you know you want it.

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Remembering an Epic Story

Legion of Super-Heroes v3 #1-5 
Legion of Super-Heroes v3 #1-5 was one of the greatest stories I have ever read.  This was back in the day, people. 1984. 26 years ago.  I guess I'm feeling nostalgic as I'm about to turn 35 in a few weeks.  Anyway, this story had it all - excitement, drama, the ability to pull you in every emotional direction at once.  It's the Legion of Super-Heroes against a very organized and cut-throat Legion of Super-Villains.  It was intense.  I'll have to some searching at my local shop and see if I can't find these issues again. This story and era serves as a reminder that I did enjoy the Legion at one point and it's cosmic tales.  Something I'm finding I like in Green Lantern nowadays.  :)
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Carol Ferris - An Observation

Carol as Star Sapphire
Is it just me or is Carol becoming a lot more interesting lately?  I admit, as I have in the past, that I'm only getting into Green Lantern with Geoff Johns' run but still, even with only 50+ issues, Carol's become more entertaining to me.  She's not just the hero's girlfriend or the hero's girlfriend who happens across her own superpowers.  She's a really cool character.  At first, her character was hard to pin down.  I actually did think she was 'just the hero's girlfriend'.  Yeah, Hal died and Carol married another guy in order to get on with her life, but she still pined for the Green Lantern.  And then Hal came back, Carol got a divorce, and she still pined for the man.  Then the two would have this back and forth thing and Hal would have flings with other women, and Carol still wanted the guy.  Part of me was like, 'She really likes this guy' and the other part of me was going, 'She really like this guy?' 
Anyway, from reading up on the character pre-Johns, Carol's been back and forth on a lot of things - being in love with Hal, being in charge of Ferris Air, being a Star Sapphire.  It's all pretty spread out.  No wonder I couldn't get a good idea of the character.  Then, Blackest Night happened and Carol became a Star Sapphire again.  Yeah, she did it to help Jordan, but she still did it...and she's still a Sapphire.  During this event, I still couldn't get clear picture of her even though everyone was saying Carol is important for this reason or that reason.  Why?  Because she was pining for her man, of course.  It was frustrating because even without being a Star Sapphire, I was seeing Carol as this strong, adventure loving, professional business woman with her part in her company and her love of flying.  But then she puts on this ring and becomes even more sappy for Hal even though she's saying 'I'm in control', 'I'm doing this to help, Hal' and yet, she doesn't actually say what's on her mind outright. 
Then, Blackest Night ends and the powers that be finally get to take some time to build on Carol's persona.  It's like the war's over and Carol's finally getting tired of this game.  And this became most apparent in Green Lantern #57.  It probably helps that the issue actually focused on Carol and the Predator, but it shown the light on Hal's perception of the entities and, through Carol's voice, Hal's view of their relationship.  Carol was finally shown as being kind of independent from Hal and, perhaps, slightly indifferent.  She seems to want a firm yes or no on what the hell is going on between them.  
And now, not only is she a Star Sapphire, she's the Queen of the Star Sapphires.  I don't know what to expect from that.  I've read she's never wanted to be a Star Sapphire and she's always refused to be their Queen.  It'll be interesting and hopefully not something thrown off real quick.  Anyhow, the way Carol defended the actions of the Predator and managed to confront Hal on their relationship was pretty top notch.  She was in control of the situation and didn't allow anyone to take it from her.  Carol's becoming pretty tough and I hope to see more of that from the character in the future.

Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes

He certainly looks the part.  I remember this scene as if I read it yesterday.  Rick Grimes' journey from Cynthiana, Kentucky to Atlanta, Georgia.  I suppose no one ever forgets their first zombie encounter, hehe.  This image is now my new desktop background.  I think 'The Walking Dead' will turn out to be awesome.  And it's currently shooting in Atlanta right now.  I wish I could get a sneak peak seeing as how I live there.  Oh, and kudos to local youth Chandler Riggs for landing the role of Carl!

Interesting Query

Do you think this... 

...has anything to do with this? 

 Back in Green Lantern #20, the Zamarons realized the error of allowing the star sapphire gems to run rampant and began creating the Star Sapphire Corps.  They also saw how the denial of emotion had effected the Guardians and swore not to follow a similar path by focusing on one emotion.  The Zamarons were shown to be collecting rings from each corps.  To what end or purpose wasn't revealed, though it's probably because they felt they were better prepared to fend off the prophecy of the Blackest Night. 
With the Blackest Night over and the planet of Zamaron destroyed, the Zamarons plan seems to be out of commision but we now have a mysterious figure who has set up a similar looking design but on a far grander scale.  Instead of collecting rings, it appears this person is collecting the very Emotional Embodiments themselves.  To top it off, the mysterious figure claims to have written certain things into the Green Lantern oath and was a protector of the universe before the Corps and the Manhunters. 
Do you think the two are connected?  Maybe the Zamarons were attempting to achieve whatever it is the mysterious figure is working on.  Or is it just maybe they had an inkling of an idea of what collecting all of them could do.   It still begs the question:  what power does one have in controlling all the lights?     
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