Top 10 Batman enemies.

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Posted by Friend_of_the_Joker

1. Joker

2. Ra's Al Ghul

3. Cat Woman (Before she and Bruce had a child)

4. Penquin

5. Bane

6. Two-Face

7. Riddler

8. Poison Ivy

9. Scarcrow

10. Mr Freeze

Posted by Thelightprince

@friend_of_the_joker: catwoman and batman had a child in the earth two universe. she became the huntress. but in the standard dcu they never. Just saying dawg.

Posted by 616Vulture

I agree completely with this list. I like that Jason is at the top.

Posted by ManWhoBrokeTheBat

no bane? WHAT THE HELL?????

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you made a typo in scarecrow description

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I love Mr.Freeze

Posted by JezzupWuzzup

Bump Superman to #11 Then move the list behind him up one. Mad Hatter #10.

Edited by ComicKing7

I agree with the list but personally I think Hush should be here