arlkham city black mask and dead shot easter egg


when you walk out of stanges tourture chamber if you look to the right you can see some tyger guards hitting and shouting at some one with a black face you can hear one of them say "give it up black mask" then he gets hit and renders unconcios.

DEAD SHOT [this is not the side mission but easter egg]

when you walk into your line the guard tells the in mates to move th efirst one moves but the next one says "bruce wayne your on my list" and makes a gun with his hand he then moves and you walk past.

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Arkham City has been out for months, I'd say people have figured out any possible easter eggs by now.

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thanks for the Deadshot one

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Those are hardly easter eggs considering they're right out there in the open and pretty unavoidable for the player. I suppose you could just walk past the guards kicking the crap out of Sionis without looking at him, but you can't avoid listening to Lawton's "Blam! Heh heh heh" before moving on to Strange.

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Azrael is also in the opening. When you're at the door with Jack Ryder and it opens, he's standing on top of a building slightly right.