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Name: Billow

Mortal Name: Marx Wilder

Age: 120

Sex: Male

Race: Wraith


Wraith Form
Wraith Form
Human Form
Human Form

Billow stands at five feet and ten inches tall, under normal circumstances his weight is a hundred and eighty pounds. The first picture shows what he looks like during the night or whenever he has shifted into his full 'shrouded' form while the second shows him during his more human form. Other attributes include blonde hair and green eyes while in the human form, body structure indicates a man used to hardship, if the cloak were removed while he is in human form his body is covered with numerous scars.

The most notable is a jagged scar that runs from his right shoulder to his left hip on both the front and back of his body.

If not wearing the signature steel gauntlets as seen below then his wraith form enjoys the attribute of claws that easily rip through steel.

Short History Summary:

Marx Wilder was a journalist and reporter that lived in America, the middle of nowhere Ohio to be exact, but he was the kind of boy that always wanted to be involved with the newspaper business. The closest he got was coming in contact with a strange man intent upon discovering the ins and outs of the paranormal world, yes even back in that simple time there were people that thought the world needed to be informed of what lurked in the dark. One thing led to another and the bright young writer found himself working for the organization known as 'Bankston Seekers'.

At first the job was little more than busting myths in his own area, checking out a gravesite where sightings had been reported or setting up shop to examine a haunted house. It was all interesting in its' own right but for the first two months there was little more than dead ends, a few tracks here and there or the odd report of a vampire sighting. Nothing in the line of work to actually convince Marx that any of this existed or that the organization had more to it than simple myth busting. In truth the company was meant for paranormal hunting, extermination of creatures dealing with the night. However, Marx would not become aware of this for some time. The boy continued on with his job part time as he progressed through college, then summer break hit and he was handed a real assignment.

The job required that he be flown out overseas to report on the happenings of a old cemetery in Ireland, anything to do with travel was quite exciting so Marx agreed immediately. Still he did not buy into the job as anything more than writing articles and camping out to examine areas where there were 'monster reports' as he came to call them. It was with this lack of faith that he found himself on the threshold of something very real and very old. A cemetery of that lay on top of an old battleground overlooking the sea, a place of old dark magic and curses that the surrounding towns told many stories about. In the area he encountered an ancient curse and the guardian thereof who took it upon himself to educate the non-believer in the lore of the world. The very first step he took into an open tomb was what sealed his fate, though instead of meeting death as others did he was taught meaning in the death and was shackled to this world. Upon seeing the sense of purity in Marx's heart and the conflicting doubt about what was in front of him the guardian resolved to teach him a lesson in faith. For it was such purity and ignorance that had originally brought about the curse of the wraith, the inability to move on that found higher meaning in war of ancient times.

The young journalist was cursed with the task of becoming a 'Sorrow Wraith' one bound to walk the earth until its' end or until the sorrows of mankind had been overturned. In doing this the guardian hoped to cage the purity of the young writer so that he might repair some of the damage of the world through the eyes of the undead. Marx spent the next few years in fear, doubt and near madness as he was plunged headlong into things he had never dreamed existed. Ancient cults, rings of crime, covens of vampires that held sections of the countryside as cattle, mutants and experimentation that came with the wars of men. Through these experiences he became educated and began to understand the limitations of his 'immortality' as well as the true reasons behind his curse. His powers continue to grow with age and understanding.

Since these events he has traveled to various places in the world, being no stranger in hell as he once found himself contained there for a space of thirty years. These days he finds himself occupied as a sort of paranormal detective with the interests of the world at large.


  • Ireland's Grasp

Old steel gauntlets made of enchanted metal, in his wraith form these are the only truly 'solid' part of him. They are more durable than standard steel and seem resistant to both magic and transmutation. These gauntlets also allow him to lay a hand on other beings that can phase or become intangible, while in contact with these gauntlets others may find their teleportation abilities blocked if they are magical or paranormal based.


  • Human - In his standard human form he has access to control over light and a variety of white magic that includes healing spells, physical augmentation and shielding. He has demonstrated the ability to ward off strong psychic attacks and understand almost any magic he encounters. One might say this is the form where his intellect and wisdom are peaked.

(His knowledge on technology is often not up to date as he came from a simpler time period and his current state of being is based upon his understanding of magic instead of science.)

  • Wraith - In his wraith form the gears change and he gains access to a variety of destructive magic including the power over darkness at large. Marx can teleport and phase through things or vanish from sight like a true ghost yet he gains a direct weakness to fire and white magic while he is in this form. Also he has the generic weakness to be contained within amber walls as all ghosts can be.

(While Billow has used his names interchangeably he often refers to himself as 'Marx' only while in human form, christening the body of the wraith as 'Billow'.)

  • Both - No matter what form Marx is in he retains a superhuman status that allows him to contend with other members of the undead society. Strength enough to lift large vehicles and enough speed to dodge firearms at point blank and run alongside motorcycles easily, his body is also much more durable than a normal human. In many regards he is better than the average vampire or lycan but his powers have not yet peaked. Marx has experience in many forms of physical combat, though he carries no weapons he can use swords proficiently and handguns if the need were to arise.

(Marx has demonstrated the ability to fend off even powerful mental control and psychic abilities while in both wraith and human form. In human due to his intellect and in wraith due to its' more sinister nature.)

  • Transformation - Marx can transition between these forms seamlessly, covering his body in black smoke to transform into the mighty wraith and then becoming engulfed in white light to assume his human form. These transformations are on command and have proven to be instantaneous.
  • Immortality - As a wraith cursed to walk the earth Marx does not need to eat, drink or breathe in order to survive. While his physical body may become harmed or destroyed he will eventually heal or reform in his wraith body. A noteable instance of this is during the 'Hellchained' arc in his history where a guard punched a hole through his heart in human form and Billow was able to still fight back and shift into his wraith form.

(While Billow can withstand mortal wounds in his human form he appears to have extreme difficulty in keeping his mortal body alive when dealt a death blow and reverts to his wraith form in order to stabilize. Needless to say if his human body sustained a decapitation or a complete destruction then he would be out for a while, most likely re-materializing back in Ireland at the grave site of his original curse.)

Magic (White)

  • Soinneáin bán

A powerful blast of white magic expelled from the hand. It has been shown to penetrate moderate defenses of even technological origin to strike the target with explosive power. While Soinneáin bán is most effective against those affiliated with death or evil it still has the destructive capability to destroy strong alloys with a single blast. It should be noted that unless Soinneáin bán strikes something of evil or dark origin it will act much like a Ki blast and simply slam into the target with terrific force.

Large objects like vehicles and semi-trucks can be sent hurling over a hundred feet away with only a single blast of Soinneáin bán. Two hands can be used to fire Soinneáin bán and more than double its' destructive ability.

Feats: -

  • Suaimhneas

A spell that causes everything in the affected area to come to a complete stop, everything in motion will come to a dead halt including the user. Projectiles, spells, energy, attacks and other beings are all affected by Suaimhneas. This spell equalizes the battlefield for everyone by forcing a pause until the spell is released, however the user is allowed to think and plan out his next movement or defense while the spell is active.

As soon as the user moves this spell ends and everything takes its' proper course of action once more.

The affect area is currently a fifty foot radius that will be flooded with a white, rippled aura while Suaimhneas is active.

Feats: -

  • Diúltaigh / Machnamh

Diúltaigh and Machnamh are two variations of the same barrier spell.

The first, Diúltaigh, will reject the entirety of any attack that collides with it no matter what kind of energy it is made of (elemental, magical, technological, spiritual) and then that energy will be pulled into the making of the barrier. In short Diúltaigh will tear apart anything that collides with it and then assimilate it back into the shield as neutral magical energy.

The second, Machnamh, will respond to any energy attack (elemental, magical, technological, spiritual) and then reflect the entirety of it back along the path that it came from. Machnamh can be compared to a mirror-like barrier as it doesn't need to fully resist whatever comes against it, only reflect energy off the surface.

The only visible difference between these two techniques is what happens when something collides with the surface, also the barrier can be expanded to cover up to three other people inside with the user.

Feats: -

  • Mhéadú

Mhéadú is a spell that enhances the physical attributes of the target as long as they are a living creature, this can increase their physical speed and strength and durability by up to ten times with only one use. This allows someone to contend with another superhuman more safely, the longer it lasts the more draining it is.

When summoned by name the symbol (shown left) will appear on the ground in a flash of white light under the target briefly and while it is active the affected individual will wear the marking on their chest like a full body tattoo in glowing ink.

If this is used to attempt to enhance the undead it will instead lower their abilities by up to ten times as it is a white magic spell created for those that yet walk in the light.

Feats: -

  • Urnaí

Urnaí is a skill heals either the user or the target by bathing them in holy light, simple poisons and even weak curses can be broken through one use. The user must stand still in order to use it, clasping their hands in prayer for a few seconds and then their physical afflictions shall pass. Blood flow will stop and wounds will close up almost immediately, broken bones may be healed but damaged organs can not be fully repaired in this fashion.

If used on the undead or creatures of darkness this will instead open up any recent wounds they have been healed from and ignite them with burning pain.

Feats: -

  • Stailc solais bháin

Stailc solais bháin is a taxing spell that will fully heal anyone that it touches, even those that have died within the last minute can be fully revived if the user chooses. However, once used this locks the user away from using white magic for several moments and leaves them temporarily weakened, as such it should not be used more than twice a day.

In order to use it the wielder will hold their hands skyward for a few seconds and let them fill with holy light, if they are healing themselves then they will absorb the light inwards. If they are healing someone else they only need touch them with either hand. Any physical damage, poison, cure or even demonic possession will be revoked upon contact.

If the undead or a creature of darkness were to feel the touch of Stailc solais bháin they will be engulfed in holy light and their very soul will burn with the righteous judgement of purity, it has the ability to kill.

Feats: -

  • Breithiúnas

Breithiúnas is a spell that requires a physical strike. Once set into motion it is impossible to take back as it is an nondiscriminatory blast of white magic that must be used sparingly. Upon use the wielder's chosen striking surface will crackle with pure white energy and explode, leaving a large crater in the area even upon a successful hit. The force of a pure bolt of lightning does not compare with Breithiúnas as it is meant to be a finishing blow that strikes through the target and crushes them before annihilating them in white energy.

At his current level Billow could not hope to use this more than twice even in a fully refreshed state.

Feats: -

  • Séalaithe ealaíne
Crucial elements: Fire, Water, Earth, Air, Life and Death
Crucial elements: Fire, Water, Earth, Air, Life and Death

Séalaithe ealaíne is a complicated white magic spell that will either bind a target in place or seal them away permanently, the latter requiring an hour's worth of preparation and a sufficiently weakened target (depending on their level of strength).

In order for this spell to affect anyone they have to be standing on a surface large enough for the seal which measures ten feet in diameter (for the purposes of binding in place). The wielder will move to a position of 'higher ground' and announce the name of their target and the spell itself. The area will appear to grow dark and the seal will light up on the ground with the afflicted target in the center binding them upon the six crucial elements of the existence.

The target will be unable to move or use any powers to include magic while inside the seal, though they may still speak. This condition ends after one minute unless it is overpowered.

For the purpose of permanently sealing an opponent a large area must be prepared beforehand with a diameter of fifty feet across. In order to activate the sealing technique the wielder must lure the target into the center of the seal and then speak their name, the crucial elements of existence and the name of Séalaithe ealaíne. This has the ability to seal a target into the enchanted area for any number of years until they either serve out the predetermined length of their sentence (decided in the hour of preparation).

Currently to seal someone away this spell will leave Billow completely cut off from white magic after he uses it and in a very vulnerable state for at least an hour due to the energy it consumes. The energy consumption increases depending on how long the 'sentence' he has laid upon the afflicted is. At his current level it is impossible to seal a strong opponent away indefinitely.

Feats: -

Magic (Black)

  • Comhlacht scáth

In his wraith form Billow has access to a set of natural, magical talents affiliated with darkness the most used of which is the set of abilities that governs his body: Comhlacht scáth.

Billow can phase through the environment like an actual ghost, becoming intangible to everything though he can not harm anything in this state (ex: an intangible fist can not deal a blow). He has advanced control over his body so that he can decide what parts of his body are ghostly and which are solid, the phased portion of his body seems to react like black smoke when touched.

He can also vanish completely from sight, smell and sound though any spell he summons would be visible. This body can also teleport instantly to any nearby location and allow him to traverse through any known material with the exception of amber.

This form does not have blood and any wounds dealt will appear to 'smoke' with black shadows until they are repaired or until Billow shifts back to his human form. Weaknesses of the wraith body include fire and white magic.

Feats: -

  • Brón na bhfear

Brón na bhfear is the name of the Irish curse that Billow is bound by, it allows him to intensify and feed off certain emotions that his opponents have: Fear, Despair, Loneliness, Sadness and Murderous Intent. If an opponent exhibits any of these emotions Billow can intensify them and use them to heal his own body while inflicting his opponent with a less than favorable mental status. This is done by gazing into the target's eyes or being in close proximity (less than six feet away) for several minutes.

In wraith form Billow is also rendered immune to the described feelings or manipulation thereof.

Feats: -

  • Soinneáin dubh

A pure blast of destructive, black energy that is fired from the hand and takes a form similar to lightning if it is discharged immediately. Soinneáin dubh may be retained in the hand and used as a physical strike that will eat through barriers and attempt to destroy anything in its' path by eating away at it like a corrosive in fast forward. Unlike lightning the immediately discharge of Soinneáin dubh creates no explosion and no knock back, it simply destroys what it comes in contact with quickly and silently. This technique is quite invisible if used in perfect darkness.


If charged over time or used with two hands the nature of this technique intensifies and becomes much more deadly to the user and to the target. The darkness becomes a blast of energy that can take any shape or size (depending on the energy the user puts behind it) that flies with extreme speed to destroy anything in its' path. Instead of simply destroying what it comes in contact with the target is simply nullified, returned to the void of existence to become one with the nothingness.

If used without proper preparation this technique tears off the limb of the user and can not be used in quick successions at this time. At Billow's current level if he were to put too much energy behind this technique he would drain himself completely and become stripped of all but his most basic powers.

Feats: -

  • Áit ar neamhní

Áit ar neamhní affects a large area of space that keeps Billow at the center no matter how much he moves around. In this area light is at a standstill and has become afflicted with perfect darkness; it is impossible to see or hear anything (even by the user). Sensory abilities are knocked out due to the area being a construct of Billow's dark essence as a wraith so attempting to locate his energy would be like trying to find water in a lake. It is by using this spell that the user can learn the true 'essence' of their opponent for it will be the only thing different from the darkness in the dome.

This essence can be used to track the opponent from then on as a sort of spiritual scent or flavor. It does not provide pin point accuracy but will determine where the opponent is within a six foot bubble while Áit ar neamhní is in effect. When this spell ends the wielder will retain all knowledge of the scent and be able to use it to gain precision knowledge of the target's position and location if they are nearby and anything associated with them.

The radius of Áit ar neamhní's effect is a perfect bubble of fifty feet and can be destroyed.

Feats: -

  • Shealbhú dorcha

Either from the body of the user or nearby areas of darkness Shealbhú dorcha will wrap up to fifty tendrils of darkness around a desired target and attempt to make a cocoon that is air tight. Each tendril of Shealbhú dorcha is strong enough to restrain a fully grown rhino and they weave themselves about the target in an intricate pattern before melting into eachother to multiply their strength. It is said that if all fifty tendrils were to wrap around a single target they could prevent the initial take off of a space shuttle before dissolving into smoke.

Each tendril of Shealbhú dorcha moves with the same speed that Billow does in his current condition, cutting them will only create an additional tendril. In order to destroy them one must blast them completely into black smoke or simply pull the concentration of the user away in which case they would disperse.

Billow currently must stand still and concentrate a great deal in order to full control and co-ordinate the tendrils of Shealbhú dorcha which makes it more strategic than deadly, if used while in motion the tendrils are likely to simply flail around and destroy the area instead of carrying out any specific orders. Once his concentration is pulled away this ability will disperse.

Feats: -

In-depth History

Original cover art
Original cover art

Old Beginnings Arc (Issues 1 - 10)

The story starts by introducing young Marx Wilder through a flashback narrative of his current self during the fifties, the exact date of this story is the summer of 1912 specifically June 13th. The boy is shown to be in his twenties with half a journalist degree under his belt and a thirst for adventure; daydreaming himself to be a famous reporter responsible for exposing mob crimes. What he got was a part time job at a company called Bankston Seekers, they published a magazine that informed the country about myths, lore and paranormal activity.

Though it wasn't the ideal job Marx found that he liked the feeling of being on the ground floor of of a publishing magazine, even if it seemed like most of the things they sold were nonsense. For the time being the magazine known as Ghosts and Legends did very well and kept the young reporter on part time during the school year so he could still be free to attend the university.

It wasn't until the summer of 1912 that Mr. Wilder was confronted with things outside of his understanding. When classes ended the magazine company offered him a full-time job along with an overseas assignment so they could expand their audience and coverage. Marx accepted the offer and the chance to travel almost instantly. He left home for what he thought would be a few weeks busting myths and watching empty castles in Ireland.

The first assignment was just that, he filed a report and punched his card within forty-eight hours on the first site and moved on to a side attraction called Banshee Hills; the locals claimed that the costal cemetery used to belong to a royal family and anyone entering with a disrespectful heart or a lack of faith would not return among the living. Screams could be heard on some nights and on others the howl of a hundred wolves despite the fact that the last wild canine in the area had been hunted down over ten years ago.

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