A short bio

Hello to all you guys here on the vast comic universe!

My name is Zé Pinto, I'm a portuguese, 20 years old student living in the city of Oporto. Comics have followed my life everywhere since the dawn of my youth or really as far back as I remember being able to read! I started reading Disney comics (I remember to have a blast reading those) bought by my mom until a comic book store opened near where I lived that sold used comics ( near mint! ) from every hero that I idolize today. Because I was a kid and my parents used to give me the money and not going to the actual store with me I didn't follow any arc from any particular character. I remember buying lots and lots of comics (because they were really cheap!) per week of characters from DC's Batman all the way to my all time favorite Marvel's Spider-Man! Comics followed me everywhere around, to school, to my grandmother's house, to a restaurant I even remember bringing Amazing Spider-Man copies to the beach when I was on vacation with my parents! Because of this comics had a greath weight in me and I can go as far as to say that comics defined the person that I am today.

I'm happy to join this community, and sad that I haven't earlier!

Keep reading and suggest others to do so!