I like Dollhouse, which primary last night. I was into it until then end and then they made me want to watch it next week. I started watching it thinking it was going to be very one dimensional. I mean how many plots can you come up with to fill a season? After watching I think if they continue with the plots and subplots it might have a chance. They just can't get boring with it.

Eliza Dushku who played Echo the main character of the show, did a good job convincing me that she was a different person when she was imprinted. The supporting cast did a good job backing up the storyline. Some of the subplots were kind of had a feel that they were just tossed into the mix like the detective investigaing the "Dollhouse". I didn't get the whole boxing thing. The ending just confused me but it did make me want to see the show next week to see what it was all about. Hopefully they do more character building and don't leave us in the blue to figure out who these people are.

Dollhouse falls in a good time slot for me. I love The Sarah Connor Chronicles , I definetly am going to watch it at 8:00 pm est and with Battlestart Galactica coming on at 10:00 est on the scifi channel. So there is an house between where the Dollhouse fill perfectly.

It had a  La Femme Nikita feel at the beginning. How many people remember that series when it was on USA back in the day.