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Olympics in Comic Books 0

 This issue focuses on the Olympics, where a young athlete runs away after practice, later there's an conspiracy by an evil organization (that's dedicated to hate and distrust) called Diablo who want to ruin the Olympic Games. It's kinda good, but it a good sportsmanship on a character called Davey Bradley, who helped the Titans and was one of the competitors for the USA Track team.  In comics now-a-days, they barely have focused on the Olympics since 1964, and I wished they did with a 21st cent...

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Teens Titans: Then and Now 0

 Looking back at my Giant Teen Titans Annual, which collects classic Teen Titans adventures (Return of the Teen Titans, Kid Flash: The Boy who Lost Touch with the World, Teen Titans in The Monster Machine, Wonder Woman: Mer-Boy vs. Bird-Boy, and Teen Titans: The Secret Olympic Heroes), I have to say that it must have been an interesting time as a reader back then compared to the present.  From hip to normal dialogues, its kinda funny and if not for Marv Wolfman's idea for The NEW Teen Titans we ...

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A New Path for Ravager? 0

 This was a very, VERY wicked issue. Apart from the hardcore action against the Black shocking evidence has been brought up: Lillian "Sweet Lili" Worth (Rose/Ravager's mother). In the Wilson family, the death toll has Grant/Ravager, Adeline Kane/HIVE Mistress II, Wintergreen, and Wade/Ravager IV, but like Rose stated, her mother might be alive. If so, I hope that she will make an appearance because Rose has been through hell without her for 4 years (in comic book years, not our ...

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From Dusk to Dawn 0

 This marks as Dusk's last appearance in the comics, along with Virgil's friend Larry Wade. A week after Larry's funeral, Virgil pays his respects to him and was about to quit his heroics after Dusk was wounded...until she walks up behind him saying that he can't quit being Static. Three things still puzzles me from this issue:  1) In her last appearance she says that she knows his secret-identity, but that was never revealed when she knew. Could she know him at Ernest Hemingway High School?  2)...

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The End for Hotstreak 0

 I was really shocked to find out that Francis 'Biz-Money-B/F-Stop' Stone/Hotstreak was gunned by Rick....I honestly did not expect that to happen. Hotstreak was a very interesting villain, and yet he makes 3 appearances and 1 cameo in the comics, while on the cartoon show he appears like 11 episodes and you feel like he'll always be around. This comic would definitely put you at the edge of your seat....

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