Green Arrow + Chloe Sullivan: Could it Happen in Comics?

  When I used to watch SMALLVILLE (before the series finale back in May), I was surprised about a major change the life of a superhero: OLIVER QUEEN/GREEN ARROW and CHLOE SULLIVAN. Everyone knows that Oliver was in love with DINAH LANCE/BLACK CANARY (they even got married and then divorced) and he couldn't keep it in his pants with women like MOONDAY "SANDRA" HAWKE and SHADO (both whom given birth to Oliver's child - CONNER HAWKE/GREEN ARROW II and ROBERT). Eventually he found his way into the SMALLVILLE show and became a major support character. Chloe was created for the sole purpose of a TV Show and eventually found her way into comics (twice - one based on the show and her actual debut into DC Comics). She also had a few romances but eventually married a different JIMMY OLSEN (not the real one we know and love), but sadly he died and Chloe became single again...until midway into SEASON 9 when Chloe started to flirt with Oliver and then kissed him as a romance was formed. Then towards the last season, they two got married after a major hangover (thanks a lot Zatanna). Even in the last episode, it was revealed that the two have a son.
 With the show over and the new DCU coming in September as every comic will start anew, one of the curious questions for the new GREEN ARROW series is will Oliver's new love interest (if still branded an outlaw for the death of Promethus) be CHLOE?