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"The right choice is the right choice. Even if no one agrees with it"

The Dread Prince
The Dread Prince

Real Name: Ambrosius

Aliases: Black Baron, Mad Shaman, Dread Knight, Dread Prince

Height: 6'4"

Weight: Unknown

Age: 37

Hair Color: Bald

Eye Color: Lurid Yellow

Species: Human

Gender: Male

Alignment: Ezra Strix

Orientation: Heterosexual

Birthplace: Grozny, Russia

Relationship Status: Single

Family: Ezra Strix (Father), Unknown Mother

Affiliation: Ezra Strix (Father), Valhala, Oտարական, Grandmaster Yin

The Dread Knight - Sword-Master

Fighting System: искусство фехтования (Swordsmanship)

An unparalleled sword-master, the Dread Prince's style holds no restrictions and is devoid of elements he deems ritualistic and traditionalist that have no value in a practical application on the battlefield. His manner of swordplay is precise, quick, fluid, and vicious in that he does not wait for the opponent to commit mistakes with exploitable openings. Instead he pressures and presses the pace of a battle, flustering his foe into committing mistakes and giving them no room or space to relax themselves and settle into a rhythm. Operating from five primary stances, Ambrosius' fighting system dictates that his sword can be held overhead, to the side, middle, pointing down and horizontal. These postures are generally linked together in a chain of motions that allow him to adapt to a variety of battle-born situations.

Kill Or Be Killed
Kill Or Be Killed

Ambrosius' swordsmanship is in effect, an interrelated system of feigning, cutting, jabbing, thrusting, parrying, footwork, and the incorporation of his mystical talents. Feigning is a combination of his footwork, center gravity, and his sword's movement. When applied effectively, it sets the foe back one move while creating an opening for the attack that Ambrosius intends to execute. Important to feigning is timing, or rather the ability to deceive the opponent that they themselves are not being timed. In order to time, the Dread Prince tests his foe's reactions to a variety of things like feints, footwork, and even arm wiggles, all of which are done to assess, study, and predict an opponent's reaction. Cutting, jabbing, and thrusting techniques are to be usually preceded by a feint, this is necessary, especially if a strong attack is being executed as the opponent is likely to parry it by noticing the telegraphing momentum behind the attack. Ambrosius therefore, uses a strong feinting game in order to avoid finding himself the victim of a counter-attack.

Not all techniques however, require the use of feints to account for potential telegraphing. 'Quick strikes' for example, are performed with two hands on the sword or with a sword in each hand. One hand may be at the base of the эфес (hilt) while the other hand rests at the ridge of the blade to provide the initial force to flick the sword as quick as an arrow to strike the target. This can be accomplished with the double sword technique, with one sword providing the push for the dispatch. These postures are hidden and the ready positions are used while Ambrosius switches hands or changes steps. When parrying, the Dread Prince usually attempts to direct the point of his sword to the target in order to minimize the step needed to be able to counter-attack, putting the foe at an immediate disadvantage. Other than parrying, Ambrosius may meet an adversary's attack by using a quick strike at their sword hand or forearm to incapacitate said attack. While his footwork is fluid and dexterous, geared towards allowing him to hop in and out of range, and circle, it is not routine.

His footwork changes as it is generally adapted to the terrain and purpose of the battle. The correct stride is applied to whatever leverage is needed to effectively wield the weapon at hand. Aware that the center of gravity of a weapon can aid the assessment of its maneuverability and speed, Ambrosius understands its effects on leverage and kinetic forces. To best control the 'gate' or opening him and his foe, the Dread Prince may use a sword in each hand as all attacks must pass through this gate to reach the target from any angle. He insists that losing or disrupting the gate at the right momentum is important to deflecting incoming attacks. Furthermore, among Ambrosius' favorite perks of dual-wielding is the ability to alternate and compliment the swords' trajectories to provide a strong, continuous flowing barricade.


  • Накладные свинг: From a position higher than one's opponent (usually initiated by a jump), one uses the momentum of the fall to strengthen a two-handed sword swing that brings the blade down on the opponent's head or shoulder.
  • Нисходящая колото: The user positions the sword as to initiate a downward stab to the head instead of a downward swing.
  • Полный круг: Most often used as a counterattack against a thrust or charge, one sidesteps a forward-moving opponent and moves past them. In doing so, one spins in a full circle, adding momentum and centrifugal force to the strength of the sword swing, which is then aimed at either the opponent's back or the back of the neck.
  • Восходящий удар: This is a rising attack meant to strike the jaw from below. For additional power, one uses one's free arm to apply force to the back of the blade and utilizes a powerful upward jump during the attack.

--Nine Vital Points--

  • Aimed at top of the head with downward strike: один
  • Aimed at right shoulder diagonally: два
  • Aimed at right arm's center from the side: три
  • Aimed at right arm's bottom/right wrist diagonally: четыре
  • Aimed at groin area from below via upward stroke, or straight from front: пять
  • Aimed at left arm's bottom/left wrist diagonally: шесть
  • Aimed at left arm's center from the side: семь
  • Aimed at left shoulder diagonally: восемь
  • Aimed at center of chest, at breastbone: девять

The Mad Shaman - Powers & Abilities

-Антимагический (Anti-Magic)-

A unique brand of mage made possible by the Horned God's inhumane experimentation on him, the Black Baron's altered genetics and tattooed runes have made him into the ideal foil for sorcerers and mages; the anti-mage. Through a peculiar method of reinforcing the reality and immutability of the world, Ambrosius' power comes alive whenever anyone in his vicinity seeks to summon and command the forces of magic in order to manipulate the physical world. Ambrosius' power is to declare the world real, causing magical effects to dissipate in a suddenly stubborn area. From an opponent's perspective, it appears not as though a spell has been interrupted, but instead that the reality of their immediate area is made into one where a spell or magical artifact cannot be used in the first place.

In addition to his abilities to dispel magic and inhibit spell-casting, the Black Baron has a powerful immunity to magic. The exact mechanics of this immunity is poorly understood. Ambrosius however, has claimed that it is his body connecting to something older and unknown, something the Black Baron has hinted at being Ezra himself. For whatever reason, the anti-magic qualities of Ambrosius' tattooed runes do not seem to affect the Horned God himself as they are likely derived from the same source as his. They also do not appear to affect Ambrosius' own magic etc.

-Разума над материей (Mind Over Matter)-

The result of intensive bouts of esoteric meditation, the Shaman's Разума над материей power has allowed him to awaken and nurture the latent qualities of his mind. First and foremost, it has granted Ambrosius conscious control over his autonomic, sympathetic, and parasympathetic nervous system as well as his immune response, rendering him virtually immune to the sensation of extreme cold. Furthermore, Разума над материей has seen his mind harness his innate biophysical energies to significantly strengthen his mental fortitude, offering him significant resistance to mental assault. Additionally, the Shaman appears to possess some form of higher consciousness, enabling him to project himself from the confines of his physical body to intangible and spiritual worlds e.g. afterlives. While his consciousness or spirit is free from harm during these out-of-body excursions, his body is not.

Should he be physically killed or his body destroyed during these otherworldly journeys, Ambrosius' consciousness becomes at risk of being forever confined to these higher planes, never to return to the physical world until the restoration or revival of his body. Cruelly, his astral form can inhabit and temporarily possess the body of another. Additionally, his abilities enable him to perceive otherworldly phenomena and communicate with spiritual entities, spirits of the deceased, and the like. It's most practical ability however, is that it awards the Black Baron the ability to detect the presence of others by sensing their distinct biophysical pools. For this reason, he is incapable of detecting the presence of inanimate objects and nonliving things such as machinery. Though it does grant him subtle precognition.

Something he accomplishes by sensing where his opponent's biophysical energies are concentrated the most seconds prior to an attack e.g. it would be concentrated in one's legs and hips during the execution of a kick.

-Шаманская Руны (Shamanic Runes)-

With many a shamanic rune tattooed on his body, Ambrosius is a man of many qualities. For one the runes appear to bolster his physical attributes to a basic superhuman degree. His quickness however, is especially augmented, affording him blistering reflexes and near-supernatural agility. Furthermore, the runes on his right palm, in the shape of a crescent moon, are infused with the esoteric qualities of his biophysical energies that resonate at a specific frequency. These runes grant the Black Baron the ability to absorb energy in nearly all forms and to either temporarily augment his weapons, his own physical or mental attributes, or redirect the absorbed energy. If not readily used, the absorbed energy is not stored by the runes due to imposed limits on their energy-absorption capacity and is instead transported to parts unknown, never to be reached again.

These runes are limited in that because they are located on Ambrosius' right palm, he can only absorb energy through direct contact with said energy energy with his right palm. Furthermore, attempting to absorb too much energy will destroy the runes. The second set of shamanic runes on Ambrosius' body is found on his shoulder. Designed to resemble the sun, these runes allow him to command light. Because many are only able to 'see' because the brain analyzes the physical information acquired from light once it hits the back of the eyes, the Black Baron can essentially blind his adversaries by preventing the light from reaching the back of the eyes by redirecting photons. Or he may cause the opponent to only see portions of the world by preventing a certain quantity of the light's photons from reaching their eyes.

Another application would be distorting an opponent's time perception by grossly delaying the arrival of light to their eyes, causing them to see the world only for what it was either minutes or even hours ago should he desire. His opponents, literally wouldn't see him coming.

The Black Baron - Weaponry & Armor

-Оленьими Рог (Stag's Horn)-

Horns of the Stag
Horns of the Stag

The Dread Prince's primary weapons are two swords whose designs and properties are unique unto themselves. They consist individually of a metal hilt with two blade-like adornments on each side of the hilt. As a result, the hilts of these swords resemble axe heads. Furthermore, the hilts of these swords feature strange shamanic runes engraved on the surface, implying that perhaps the swords are gifts from the Horned God himself. Even more so, each sword is individually known as the Оленьими Рог (Stag's Horn), lending even greater likelihood of the swords being gifts from Ezra Strix. While aesthetically pleasing, the shamanic runes on the swords' hilts serve a purpose, they are the source and emitters of the swords' unique blades.

The blades consist of red glowing streams of exotic matter. Though they glow, the blades are not energy. They do not generate heat, radiation, electrical or magnetic fields. Nor are they part of the electromagnetic spectrum at all. As previously mentioned, the blades are red streams of exotic matter. The runes on the hilt summon exotic particles of only one 'color' of gluon which makes possible the strange and extraordinary properties of the exotic blades. The runes are essentially receiving and transmitting devices as they seem to be uniquely sensitive to the peculiar properties of these exotic particles. Among the properties of these particles is that they are extremely dense while the edges are somehow almost supernaturally volatile, meaning the blades themselves are almost unbreakable yet retain the ability to cut through anything save for true adamantium.

-Броневая грозного князя (Armor of the Dread Prince)-

An armor comprised of overlapping layers and a thick metal exoskeleton, black and menacing in design, the armor fits the supposed name it was given; The Armor of the Dread Prince. Among the armor's many features is a hydrostatic layer of gel sandwiched between it's various layers. This hydrostatic gel layer is used by a protection system which protects the muscles and joints from traumatic, high-impact injuries by forcing the armor into a rigid posture. Primarily however, the armor's internal padding hosts a fabric which is home to a network of shamanic runes. This 'Runic Fabric' acts as the medium for the armor's many processes which use both Ambrosius' and the environment's biophysical energies.

Shamanic Runes
Shamanic Runes

Both storing and channeling absorbed biophysical energies through the armor itself, the Runic Fabric doubles as a layer of artificial muscle powered by said biophysical energies, augmenting the Dread Prince's physical attributes. Furthermore, while the metal used by the armor remains unidentified, the shamanic runes can in turn use stored biophysical energies to bolster the armor's durability by coursing it through the armor and strengthen the binding forces that make it a sound structure. But perhaps most importantly, the armor features a life support system which includes a sort of gas mask that cuts off Ambrosius' respiratory system from the atmosphere and instead sustains him solely by converting the biophysical energies stored in the Runic Fabric into an esoteric gas capable of temporarily sustaining the Dread Prince.

Additionally, the runes in the armor's gauntlets likewise store biophysical energies but for a different purpose. Instead, they allow Ambrosius to project them in one of three ways; as destructive bolts of biophysical energies whose heat and electrical energy can prove deadly to an opponent, translucent barriers designed to shield him from harm, and uncontrolled and powerful bursts of kinetic energy born from his gauntlets' stored biophysical energies. Lastly, the remaining runes in the armor exist only to raise a resistance to magnetic effects on it's metal components.