Erase Him or Her from History(Choose your side!)

Now that you have read this you cant step BACK.You have to choose(Or the devil will comme at night and eat YOUR SOUL)!<<This message is a spam so dont pay attention to it.

The first to get 10 votes will be erased from history(And the next contenders will comme in play)!

If you had to Erase Him or Her who would you choose?

A)I would erase Superman from history

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B)I would erase Captain Kirk from history

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You have to choose A or B there is no other choice!

Dont forget what the consequences are And choose wisely!


Who will be eliminated?


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Captain Kirk

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Note to Self:

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Batman Villains Versus Spider-man Villains

KillerCroc Versus Lizard(Physical Contacts only) -UnderWater(Neither can go to the surface untill someone lose)-

Joker Versus Green Goblin (No Glidder)

Penguin Vs Doctor Octopus(Penguin has access to Adamantium Weapons)

Blockbuster Versus Tombstone

Man Bat Versus Man Spider

Catwoman Versus Black Cat

Firefly Versus Beetle

Mr Freeze Vs Electro

Phantasm Versus PaperDoll(Not sure sure about this one since i dont know much on the 2nd character)

Rupert Thorne Versus Kingpin(Round 1 Army Versus Army,Round 2 Weapon War(1v1),Round 3 H2H)

Black Mask Versus Hammerhead(No adamantium head)

Harley Quinn Versus White Rabbit (^^See P.V.P ABOVE^^)

Scarecrow Versus Mysterio

Poison Ivy Versus Hydro-man

Clayface Versus Sandman

Killer Moth Versus Vulture

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