Helena's Gang

Nine members in total

  • Pavel Chekov (Far Left)
  • Clay Davis (After Pavel)
  • Cindy Kingston (After Clay)
  • Mikey (After Cindy)
  • Johnny Gat (After Mikey)
  • Will Jackson (After Johnny)
  • Alessandro (Far right)
  • Claire Harper (Unseen)
  • Sparrow Kenndey (Hidden)

Pavel Chekov

Pavel Chekov

Height: 8'0

Weight: 400 lbs

Age: Late fifty's

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Cvnu Alice Summers

Age: 19

Height: 5'9

Hair color: Black

Iris Color: Contrary to popular belief even by her own Mafia, she was born with purple eyes but since she wears special contact lenses that make them look blue it was believed she had blue eyes

Weight: 106 lbs

Code Name: Dark

Alias: Alice Summers

Real Name: Helena Storm

Powers & Abilities

  • Combat expertise (Surpassing Batgirl/Cassandra with ease)
  • Enhanced human physique (Surpassing Death Stroke with ease)
  • Enhanced intellect (Due to a experimental procedure she can use 1,000% more brain power than a peak human)
  • Intuitive Aptitude (Capable or replicating instantly any fighting style just by watching it be preformed)
  • Probability Manipulation (Extremely powerful it allows her to go toe to toe with country wide threats)
  • Bad Luck Inducement (Capable of decreasing the odds of her opponents winning by two thousand percent no more or less for a period of one hour, no cool down charge necessary and can be used against multiple opponents)
  • Good Luck Inducement (Capable of increasing the odds of her allies and self of winning by two thousand percent no more or less for a period of one hour, no cool down time necessary and can be used on multiple allies)
  • Escape Artist (When her luck is not enough she has an ability to escape most situations)
  • Stealth Expert (Equal to Batman)
  • Hypnosis
  • Expert Hacker (Equal to Oracle)
  • Expert Tracker (Equal to Wolverine)
  • Enhanced Swordsmanship (High tier)
  • Massive Experience (One thousand years of combat training had been downloaded into her brain)
  • Detective Skills (Sherlock Holmes + Batman combined)
  • Leadership Skills (On par with Batman)
  • Danger Sense (Superior to Spiderman's)
  • Wealth (On par with Bruce Wayne)
  • Resourcefulness (On par with Macguyver/Rorschach)
  • Enhanced Marksmanship (Oh par with Deadshot/Bullseye)


(Gadget symbol)

Helena gets most of her equipment from Ravager as she works as his lieutenant, thanks to his resources Helena has dimensional storage technology that makes each slot in her utility belt practically a mini pocket dimension that holds her equipment.


  • Utility Belt
  • Flash Bang grenades
  • Super Adhesive gun
  • Stun rod (Enough to instantly KO low level meta humans in seconds and humans nigh instantly)
  • Smoke grenades (Each lasts sixty seconds and blocks heat signatures followed by scrambling radio frequencies and radar)
  • Adamantium coated Shurikens
  • Knock out gas (Enough to knock out most instantly)
  • Various poisons with each having a different effect
  • Sleeping darts (Works instantly)
  • Contractible steel bolo staffs
  • Plasma Grenades (Capable of utterly destroying a small house)
  • Adamantium Combat Knife
  • Grapple gun
  • Stun gun
  • Flare Gun
  • Flares
  • Glow Sticks
  • Flash light
  • Mace (Bear grade)
  • Cry bombs
  • Laser pen
  • Data Pad
  • Adamantium hand cuffs
  • Sticky bombs
  • Dark Mask (Provides X-Ray vision,Thermal vision,Night vision,Telescopic vision,Microscopic vision)
  • Anti venom
  • Steel throwing knives
  • Adamantium boomerang.
  • Automatic gas powered crossbow with adamantium tipped arrows.
  • Explosive bolt arrows
  • Electric bolts arrows
  • Adhesive arrows
  • Knock out gas arrows
  • Symbiotic Suit (Bullet Proof,Covers heat signature,Allows user to soak class 100 punches,Fire proof,Water Proof,Cloaking capabilities)
  • High tensile strength rope
  • Forensic Kit
  • Med kit
  • Adamantium Ninja Shuko's


My name is Helena Storm, I come from an alternate reality...in this reality I was the only child of a famous gangster you call Al Capone in this reality he was never captured and became the biggest and baddest in the United States.

My mother was of European descent I never got to meet her though as she was killed by vigilantes when they threw Molotov's at her, other than my mom getting killed when I was a little girl

Life was good.

My father was a solid billionaire by the time I reached my early teens, the same routine continued until poor pops died of cancer leaving me alone with all those billions and so than I became the leader of the American Mafia which was the biggest in the world.

but than Ravager came, he set my planet on fire and crush all resistance on the entire planet with in hours. Most of humanity were sent to camps to work as slaves only the wealthy like me were spared this, but there was something about me that he found interesting

....and fast forward two years from now I'm Dark his Lieutenant.

My first days as Dark

My first day as Dark happened when Ravager literally kidnapped me along with a host of other wealthy earthlings.

We were put through medical procedures to become enhanced humans not all of us survived only a hundred I was one of those hundred, I had average intelligence but the procedures made me incredibly smart a genius some would say, I also became stronger and faster.

(More to come)


  • Love the color purple
  • Is a virgin
  • Has a soft spot for Bounty Hunters
  • Despises rapists and mindless killers
  • Mixes combat with non lethal attacks to lethal attacks depending on the situation
  • Can change her eyes between Purple and Blue
  • Lives the wealthy life when off duty
  • She's more of a Anti-Villain than actual Vigilante.
  • Her catch phrase is "I'm just a pawn in a game of chess"
  • Her father died when she was sixteen and runned the family business in one year than her father ever did, she took Teddy Roosevelt's quote "Speak softly and carry a big stick" using this technique she was viewed by all organized crimes in the world as a Paragon
  • Helena never had time to bond with her father or even get to know him well, her father was replaced with a pay check..psychologically speaking she's never experienced the love of a caring parent.
  • While her father never had time for her he assured she was not to be trifled and thus never had a chance for a relationship before and even after her father's death for he would kill anybody that came close to her when he was alive and when he died Helena had no time to have romantic interests.
  • Helena always speaks in a calm suave soft voice naturally, but it can change to hostility or aggression or any type of tone depending on circumstances.
  • Helena is unused to genuine affection
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