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Name: Akube Mahatu

Age: 38

Weight: 210 lbs.

Height: 6'3''

Identity: Secret

Place of Birth: Ethiopia

Known Aliases: The Bodyguard, The Man in Black, The Peacekeeper, The Watchman

Relatives: Faraji Mahatu (Father, deceased), Ebele Mahatu (Mother, deceased), Bogani Mahatu (Grandmother, deceased), Tayete Mahatu (Brother, deceased)

Akube Mahatu was born in Ethiopia, and suffered throughout his childhood. He was fortunate enough to stow away on a ship in Somolia and escape to Cairo. When he was seventeen, he moved to England and worked his way through college and law school. At the age of twenty-seven, he returned to Africa. Akube fought in the courts for the right to claim a patch of land as a safe haven for refugees, not just a camp, but a country. Countless groups rallied to his cause and, eventually, the United Nations granted him a small amount of land on the West coast of Africa, a new home, a new nation, Bandari.

Bandari is separated from the outside world by fenced borders. The press is rarely allowed even a glimpse inside, so the country remains, for the most part, a mystery. However, it is common knowledge among the people of Bandari that their brave leader doubles as their great protector. Whenever Bandari is threatened, the diplomat Akube dons the guise of a champion and defends his people.

Akube has ruled Bandari for ten years, and intends to remain in power until the first generation refugees grow up, go to college, and are prepared to lead, take the reigns, and usher Bandari into a Golden Age.

Akube is an experienced, well educated man and a powerful fighter. A mentor to Longshot, a wise diplomat, Akube is perfectly equipped for all facets of leadership.


Strength: Akube possesses peak human strength, being able to lift up to four hundred pounds.

Speed: Akube is an olympic-level runner

Agility: A crucial part of Akube's fighting style is agility. He is able to effortlessly jump from tree to tree, slip through tight spaces, and evade gunfire.

Hand-to-Hand Combat: Akube is a master of Capoeira, Dambe, Krav Maga, Greek wrestling, Muay Thai, and Jiu Jitsu.

Intellect: Akube's knowledge goes well beyond the political arena. He is resourceful, cunning, and observant. He possesses the know-how to invent much of his own equipment.


Suit: An all black suit, including mask and gloves, that is both fire and bulletproof. The toes and knuckles are reinforced with steel.

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Claws: Akube's suit features one inch retractable claws in both the knuckles and toes, as well as smaller retractable claws built into the fingertips.

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Cycle: For missions requiring him to go great distances at great speed, Akube rides a flying machine of his own design that has a similar appearance to a common motor cycle. The hover cycle has compartments for equipment, as well as various weapons of its own, including a rubber bullet-loaded machine gun and crop dusters that disperse tear gas in his wake.

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