Comics I've Read - 2013

Every comic I've read this year...including almost every one I'd ever read before this year, because I reread what I had when I decided to get back into comics.

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Holy huge!

Really happy you read Jubilee's latest with Wolverine (mini) -- I appreciate you were able to enjoy the character without having to know what got her to be a vampire -- we reminds me, it's yet another story-line I need to re-read to refresh my mind on what's happening with the fire-work tossing mutant.

I have a lot to choose from here by the way.

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@lykopis: Yeah, this list is getting obnoxiously long. On the one hand it's impressive, on the other hand I'm not sure I want to deal with the load time every time I go to edit (since I need to send from the bottom up with each new issue). I have no clue why it doesn't paginate. It definitely should.

I figure it's been a while since Logan & Jubes...we'll see pretty quickly how she is in Wood's book, right?

(and don't panic, I've only read 16 things since we talked about keeping each other reading. Could be worse :P)