The characters & teams that have me curious.

This includes characters I know about but haven't read much of, characters I've seen on other folks' lists that look interesting, or teams/collectives about which I know little to nothing but have to tag the team instead of an arc/run.

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Posted by Manbehindthewires

If you want to know more about Kitty Pryde, or understand the attraction, a lot of it came about from the end Whedon's run on Astonishing. I won't spoil it, but he made a hero out of her, and everyone who read it fell for her immediately.

Also pick up Sirens. Really interesting!

Posted by Ren_

Outsiders is AMAZING. It was the first thing that I ever read from DC.

Posted by akbogert

@Ren_: Haha. Really? What about it made you decide to pick it up?

Posted by RedQueen

This is a great list, scrap that: an awesome one. Well, I could certainly point you in the right direction for a couple of these characters:

Kitty Pryde: Whedon's run on Astonishing X-men. And, if you liked that and want some more background information on her character, her appearances in Uncanny X-men from #129 +.

Harley Quinn: Her solo series (first trade is Preludes and Knock, Knock Jokes), the animated series (where it all began) and the tie-in "Mad Love" trade, and if you haven't already, get your hands on the Arkham City/Asylum games.

Nightcrawler: I'd highly recommend Claremont's Uncanny X-men run.

Stepford Cuckoos: New X-men (Morrison's run), Phoenix Endsong/Warsong (though I'm pretty sure these have been retconned by now).

Hmm, I'll give the others some thought.

Posted by akbogert

@RedQueen: *looks forward to other thoughts*

Thanks for the tips. I've gotten a lot of recommendations (overlapping with yours) about HQ from Joygirl, the resident expert/hyper fangirl. Mad Love sounds like the place I'm most likely to begin. And yeah, the Arkham games are fantastic, though I get the sense that that Harley (and especially the new one) doesn't do the old lovable one justice.

Nightcrawler...I'm always looking for a great character who's also devout, and it sounds like he's my man. I quite look forward to really learning more about him...of course that's prone to just make me more upset that he died, but boy, his funeral seems to be the best comic funeral ever written, or close to it.

I think I'm going to really like Kitty. I haven't seen a lot of her but most people seem to love her a lot. As a pretty decent Whedon fan (not hardcore, but...well, I've never disliked anything of his I've seen/read), I know his run is pretty much required reading, so it's good to know a character I want to get more of will be covered in a run I already planned to get around to.

And could Marvel make all the Phoenix stuff any more confusing? I'm coming into Marvel on the heels of AvX and all I know for sure is that Jean is dead and that the PF seems to have messed with a ton of stuff. But the Endsong/Warsong stuff was years ago, no? *shrug*

I'm hoping the Cuckoos join up with Scott in UXM.

Posted by RedQueen

@akbogert:Kitty is an absolutely awesome character, especially when written by Whedon (Astonishing X-men is just simply fantastic, I'm sure you'll love it).

I'm a hardcore Jean Grey fan, and I have to admit the Phoenix stuff is dam near impossible to keep up with, considering that Marvel keep changing their minds and retconning events left,right and centre. Phoenix Endsong is good though, despite it's unknown place in Marvel's history. I second that, I'm certain the Cuckoos will join Scott, if only to make Emma's life a misery. (You just know they will, what with the loss of her telepathic powers).

Posted by akbogert

@RedQueen: I remember back when people speculated on who the mole in UXM would be, some folks were talking about Emma convincing the Cuckoos to spy on the other X-Men for them. I don't know their relationship; I thought they were her daughters or something? Do they not like her or something?

And I'm adding Jean to my list. So there.

Posted by RedQueen

@akbogert: In Phoenix Warsong, it was 'revealed' that the Cuckoos were just 5 of about 300 clones of Emma Frost. So in a way, she is their mother. Though I don't know whether that still stands. But if it does, it doesn't make any sense because Endsong is on record as having never happened.....

They like her, in their own twisted way. She's always pushed them to use their abilities, and they actually abandoned her at one point. (New X-men, I think). It's kind of a respect/dislike kind of thing.

Well, thank you. Jean should be on this list. (Material: Dark Phoenix Saga, New X-Men.) Bizarrely, it's more the stuff she doesn't appear in that makes her such a notable character.

Posted by akbogert

@RedQueen: Ah, yes, clones, not daughters. That makes a lot more sense (especially given the number, haha). And it was indeed five? Two died? That must have sucked.

You're saying they'd be among the many waiting in line to give Emma her what's for, after all those years? Though maybe a little more teasing, a little less cruel?

Posted by RedQueen

@akbogert: From the previews (they're without text mind you) it certainly looks like they'll be going the teasing route, considering the fact that Emma is now projecting her own thoughts into the mind's of others. Yes, two died (Esme and Sophie), so you can't really blame them, they've been through a lot. Though this is Marvel, who hasn't?

Posted by akbogert

@RedQueen: True :/

Added Emma as well. I feel like I haven't actually seen these previews yet.

I don't know old Emma well enough to decide whether to feel bad for her or not. I really liked her moment with Scott talking about the projections...but I don't know if you've read that yet, maybe not? (sorry for making this even harder than it needed to be :P)

Posted by RedQueen

@akbogert:Haha, sadly I have not read Uncanny X-men just yet. But I did cheat and read the previews....

*grumbles about Lent* Talking about Astonishing X-men, Whedon writes one awesome Emma Frost. Believe me, you'll warm up to her.

The preview for Uncanny X-men #4 is here:

What? Don't look at me like that, that doesn't count, as there are no words.

Posted by akbogert

@RedQueen: Hey now, "there is therefore no condemnation..."

And WOW. No words...those girls are creepy. Bachalo's art is so...I love it, but it's a bit much at times, haha. Everyone's legs are super long. Emma in that first frame looks absurd.

Heh. "warm up" to Frost. Nah, a lot of folks like her. She's one of Lyko's favorites (for which reason she's really upset about Bendis' handling of her -- I look forward to another opinion from a self-declared fan, when you have the chance).

Posted by lykopis

I don't see Rogue on there.

Put Rogue on your list, Adam.






Posted by Guru_Crack

Like the idea of setting up a list of characters you found interesting.

Posted by akbogert

@guru_crack: Thanks!

Funny... It has been so long since I curated this list (or really anything on CV) that I'm amused by this list... both by the characters I've since learned quite a bit about, and the ones I no longer am likely to look into.

Posted by Guru_Crack

@akbogert: yea that can happen when you take extended breaks.