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Why change the name from feminist or Christian just because other people believe the definition to be something other then what it is? If people believe the wrong definition than you should use it as an oppertunity to educate people. The Westboro Baptist Church or the KKK can call themselves Christian all they want, it doesn't make it true. The sterotypical Feminazi can be people's first impression when they here the word feminist but if a feminist shows them that it is not true, then you have a teaching oppertunity. Hence Patrick Stewert's shirt. A feminist is not a unshaved, butch, bald, flannel wear, dirty work boot scuffing, man hating feminazi. It's a man or woman just like Patrick Stewert. He didn't even have to talk to someone about feminism, they just had to read his shirt. Changing the name of a thing does not change the thing. "A rose by any other..." yadda yadda yadda. Don't change the name just to get away from the negative view point, that is just taking the easy way out. Fight the negative view point and you educate at the same time.

Very nicely expressed with great examples.

Whenever I am personally critical of something (in a seriously genuine way) I always try to address the best arguments and go the hard route. I mean if I want something to change or argue against a point I like to address the best arguments and or positions, the educated and intelligent stances. Don't take the easy way out I agree with firmly.

Yeah, I think that's basically what and my pastor-to-be friend were saying, and as the days have gone by I'll admit I've continued to think about it. The "teaching opportunity" is a really great point. It gives an opportunity not just to dismiss extreme hypocrites but to actively and thoughtfully present my own values.

The critic in me can't help noting this is actually the opposite of Juliet's point, though. To say "a rose by any other name would smell would smell as sweet" is actually the equalist position, for it suggests that you can continue to believe in women's rights under a different, less unpopular name; Romeo might have fairly responded "yes, but rose takes only four letters to convey an idea which would otherwise be pretty complicated to describe, and besides, it's been sufficient for centuries, so why abandon it now for petty political reasons?"

Not very romantic, but it may have saved both their lives, so...

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Alright, Ms. Wolf Warrior. Thoughts on Rahne Sinclair?

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@guttridgeb: Well, I'll keep my eyes peeled. By the way, thank you for saving this thread from the brink of oblivion. I was becoming acutely self-conscious :P

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I love this format! :)

What's your actual name?

Serafina G (middle name) and then B (for the surname). It's for your protection you know only this.

What's your name here all about?

Lykopis is the fiercest Amazonian warrior of the Amazon Queen. Her name means She-Wolf and that is what I truly am.

Do you exist elsewhere on the Internet?

I sure hope not! ComicVine is suffering enough with my diatribes of feministic, atheistic, green-tea drinking mania! Any more of me anywhere would be a harbinger of the Zombie/Clone Apocalypse frankly.

What are you most excited about right now?

Getting my iMac set up properly. And sliced green apples.

What are you least excited about right now?

Going outside. It's stupidly freezing out there. Anything more colder the minus five degrees is frakking overkill. Like, seriously now!

What are you most afraid of?

Lots of things but right now I will go with another horrific double ear infection episode. More like terrified.

My Turn:

What would you tell yourself five years ago if you had the opportunity? Five years from now?

I would tell the five year younger Lyko to break up with him. Now.

I would tell the five year older Lyko to get cracking because I will be the magic age required by the UN to apply for an NGO. Oh, and to hang on to him. Tightly.


If you told me, then you'd have to kill me, right? Man, some people on this website have the coolest names. Serafina is sweet. Though I'm sure you know that. I don't know if it's fair to ask you a question here, so I'll just ask it on your other thread. But no social networking stuff, for real? I almost don't believe that. The world needs more green-tea drinking mania! And while I can't help you much with produce, I know plenty about Apples. Here's hoping you've sucessfully set yours up. As one who hates winter, I fully empathize with your lack of enthusiasm.

Double ear infection? How unlucky can you be?

Very interesting question (and of course, it raises a few of my own, but again...)

So what would I tell myself...hm.

Dear Adam: This fall, you're going to fall in love. Or I've always believed that's what it was, so you will too. The salient point is: that's not going to go anywhere, and you're going to have to take down your entire blog for making a fool of yourself publicly. What's done is done for me, in this timeline, but you have the chance to create a new future, and I encourage you to do so, by NOT PUBLISHING THAT STUFF YOU WRITE FOR HER. (But it's pretty good, so feel free to write it in secret). People, it turns out, do read your blog (which you should totally switch over to Wordpress, so you can see pageviews...Blogger doesn't get good until later). Write with those silent listeners in mind....Stick with theatre; it serves you well. Listen to Professor Craig, because it took me two years to follow her advice and I just looked silly for having doubted it. Stop watching The West Wing after Season Three. Follow all my advice. Or ignore it. Either way, you'll turn out alright. Everything happens.

Yes, that's a Doctor Horrible reference.

Older self is a little harder, because I can look back and see that five years ago I was super-clueless (reminds me of an RvB sketch about tattoos).

Dear Dr. Bogert: I'm going to be very upset with myself if I addressed this incorrectly. Let's presume you haven't disappointed us. Anyhow, we both know that very little of what I think right now matters to you. I won't deign to give advice. But you should know what was once important to you, the things you worried about. Have you figured out the situation with Mom and Dad? Do you still talk to Josh and Rachel? Did OSU shake our faith, or enshrine it? What's her name? What does she look like? What did she ever see in you? Do you still love walking in the rain?

Right now, you're happy. Apprehensive, for sure, but who can blame you. This is going to be pretty big. But you think you're ready. Hopefully you are. Hopefully we are. Godspeed, my friend.

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@lykopis said:

I am so, so, so very, very sorry. O_O I have no idea why I was unaware of people continuing to post in this blog thingee but someone was kind enough to inquire as to why I am a rude, pompous b*tch who ignores people (yeah, exact words almost not really)...

Verbatim, even.

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That's what you get for hosting an Arena, Avengers.

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Now I feel like I owe you a question, though I don't have any good ones off the top of my head. So the old standby:

If a tree falls in a forest, and there's no one there to hear it, does it still make a sound?

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@guttridgeb: X-23, Cloak, and Dagger (and if they can count as one), Deadpool (though he may not constitute a hero). I suppose Godzilla vs. Mothra wouldn't be high on your list of giant lizard flicks, then. Shame. How'd you end up with plans to meet Dan Slott (or is that just something you're planning to try to do)?

@InnerVenom123: I've always been partial to the unfolded hypercube myself. Dalí put it to pretty good use in this painting:

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@BumpyBoo: Hey, they're still stuck with haggis. On the other hand, they get to claim Irn Bru, so I'm not sure that puts you any better off... I'll be sure not to make sheep jokes in the future though :)

@VercingetorixTheGreat: Mon Dieu do people say bad things about France. It's funny because for a long time everyone wanted to be French. I'd chalk the insults up to the fact that most people still do.

On the flip side I've always assumed that the majority of the world hates America. We probably have earned a lot of that.

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@BumpyBoo: I always associated sheep with Scotland. I don't have any thoughts about Wales at all...not sure if that's better or worse.

Condolences to as I'm pretty much an Oxfordian when it comes to old Willie.

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Kinda? I don't figure I'm interesting enough (or established enough) to justify a straight Ask Me thread, and as a relative noob it'd be nice to get to know folks here as well. So, ask me -- but answer your question too (this also helps to weed out unnecessarily obtuse/awkward questions). Maybe somewhere down the line I'll make a normal ask one, which gives room for more interesting questions that the asker might not necessarily wish to invest in answering.

TL;DR: less a reverse "ask me" than a half "ask me."