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About Me

Real Name: Katarina Winnick Supername: Afterimage
Age: 19
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 115 lbs.
Eye Color: One eye green, one eye gold
Hair color: Red
Base of Operations: Chicago
Team Affiliations: Children of the Damned
Identity: Secret
Aliases: Speed Freak III, Flash, Double-Image, Speed Force, Speedy
Known Relatives: Speed Freak (aka William Winnick). 

Powers and Abilites

Super-Speed: The ability to run at speeds exceeding the speed of light, while neither aging nor burning up. This also allows for molecular vibration (phasing), meteorological disruption (tornadoes), high-powered punches/kicks, super-healing, and super-speed thinking.

After-Images: While running kinetic energy builds up, and is expressed in the form of after-images. I'm able to control these kinda like some heroes use duplicates. They look like a negative version of me, and vanish as soon as I stop running. They're really cool, but they can't go very far from where I am.

Martial Arts: I trained with Night Weasel, and everyone KNOWS he's the best of the best. I know TONS of ways to take someone down without leaving a mark, as well as more traditional stuff.

Biofeedback/meditation: One key thing about being a speedster is knowing how to slow down. I'm able to regulate my pulse, blood pressure, and body temperature through biofeedback. I can also slow down or speed up my mind through meditation, which has rendered me better able to deal with attempted mind control.

Vibration: More things I can do with the molecular vibration stuff: if I vibrate fast enough I can be invisible. I haven't tried this yet, but apparently if I vibrate my molecules at the right frequency I can visit a parallel universe.


Asthma: I have really bad asthma, which is naturally a problem as a speedster. I take meds for it, but they're not always readily available when I'm fighting a tough villain. I do carry an inhaler, and an emergency shot if things get really bad.

Metabolism: As a speedster, I burn a LOT of energy. I've got to eat a log, and often, or I'll become tired and weak. This also means that I have less time to deal with toxins, gasses, etc.  


Hey, name's Katarina, but you can call me After-Image. My dad is the hero Speed Freak…I'm sure you've heard of him. Speedster numero uno of the Society of Justice. You know, that team with Night Weasel, Day-Glo, Jupitarian, Pinnacle, Miracle Woman, Mumbo Jumbo, Darwin, Trick Shot and TONS of others. And guess what? I hang out with them ALL THE TIME. They say I can get a team membership when I'm older and have a bit of experience under my belt. I could join Teen Justice in the meantime, but they have WAY too much of a mortality rate for my taste. 

Anyway, as I said, my dad's Speed Freak and my mom's the reporter Lilian Granite. It was love at first site. Dad was beating up Freezer Burn, and mom was covering the story…they're eyes met, and that's history. I was born about a year later. I got my dad's powers, though they're a little different. My after-images. No one on the Society has ever seen anything like them before. It's cool having a special power. Everyone else has got super-strength, flight, heat vision, or whatever, but that's old news. I have nega-duplicates! Cool, right?

As a little kid I was put in danger a lot…some of the meaner villains like kidnapping heros' families, but dad always saved me. And when I got a little older he and the Society trained me so I could take care of myself. My proudest moment? When I landed a hit on Night Weasel, WITHOUT him letting me. And I wasn't using my speed either. He'll never hear the end of it either. 

Dad said I had to finish high school before I took up heroics, and I graduated last year. I'm in college now. Star of the track team of course. No one suspects anything since I'm careful to only be a LITTLE bit faster than everyone else when I'm in races. I don't have to deal with telephone booths and closets and whatnot…I can run home and change and be back in a fight before most people can blink. 

Anyway, I'm JUST starting the heroic thing, so wish me luck!