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@FadeToBlackBolt said:

I'm surprised he was able to draw it without his eyes falling out of his head from stupidity.

Best comment of the week. Someone get this guy a prize!!!

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"A shocking last page that will have the world talking about this issue!"

Can't wait for the full page splash of them getting it on like the last page of Catwoman #1! That's what we're talking about, right?

Oh oh, I know, Wondey is going to find out that she's pregnant and they're going to have a part god, part super baby! And it will be evil of course. And they'll have to kill it to save the world. And everyone will be sad. Except Batman.

Dang, you see?! I can tell qualities stories like DC is right now.

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Hey folks! I'm trying to find out what comic this panel of Renee Montoya is from:

Anyone have a definitive answer?

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Hi there! I'd like to find out what comic this image of Renee Montoya is from:

Based on the scar on her chest and the GCPD badge, it is sometime before she became the Question (in 52) and sometime after the Keystone Kops story in Gotham Central (which was about 2005).

Any ideas?

Thank you!

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I'll be heading to Toys R Us to buy a copy of the Marriage of Kevin Keller Archie book!

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My Entry!

I'm going to go with the Earth One Batman skin - or as I like to call it, the Batman Inc skin. Why? We've had an amazing Asylum spanning Batman game, an amazing city spanning Batman game, and next I'd love to see an incredible GLOBAL spanning Batman game based on Batman Inc! I would love to play as the many members of that team around the world with their unique abilities. Nightrunner, Batwing, Man-of-Bats! All facing something BIG that only Batman Inc. could take down!

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I'm not sure how I feel about paying for something just because I didn't preorder at Best Buy. I dunno, I have a problem with with the DLC tactics on this game... I would like to play as Robin and Nightwing, but I have to pass just on principle.

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@The Mighty Monarch: Sorry, I'm just looking at August sales on the book of course. Estimated 171,344 units for JL#1. I'm definitely interested in September sales, and since I think DC books are returnable (?), I'd love to know what more accurate numbers are further down the road. I understand they're selling out at the distributor, but every comic shop in my city has stacks of that book left because they over ordered!

I know this is a very early opinion to give... I hope I'm blown away after this month wraps up and I take it all back! But I still wonder how #2 issues are going to sell compared to all these #1's? I want to believe that sales will stay high, but right now I'm thinking that once everyone has had their taste of the books, sales will dip back to about the same as they have been this year.

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I wouldn't say the DC reboot has been a huge success. Certainly not a failure! But it's nothing ground breaking.

Justice League #1 sold something like 170,000 last month? The death of Ultimate Spider-Man issue sold near 160,000. And I think these were probably the only books to crack a 100,000 those months. That's just the way it is - death books and #1's always sell, so naturally you're going to have some bigger numbers when all you're releasing is first issues. What's going to happen with next month with #2 issues? What about when Resurrection Man gets to issue 15? I would love to be proven wrong, but I think they'll only start to dip.

I think their marketing has been a great success! Comics really need to ramp it up, but I don't think Marvel needs a big reboot to do that. It can work for anything.

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Why we always gotta fight? Why can't they just team up and kick some butt? Babs should be making the plans and Kate should be executing them, Birds of Prey style, as it should be.