Acer's Bio CVnU

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  • Name: Acer
  • Age: 3 months
  • Species: Really cute kitten
  • Alignment: All things fluffy and adorable
  • Fur: Extra fluffy with super softness
  • Eyes: Awwwwwww ^^
  • Occupation: Saving the world with his cuteness
  • Friends: Mercy


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Acer comes from the land of the kitties, located in a magical world of all things cute and fluffy where he is the prince of the kittens. He has come to this new land in order to bring peace to the world using his powers of adorableness.


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Acer is a fierce and mischievous kitty, always getting himself into wacky adventures. But he is good natured at heart, always there to cheer up those who are sad with his fluffiness and large expressive eyes.


  • Belly rubs and tickles
  • Cupcakes
  • Round things
  • Milk
  • Red dot thingy
  • Mercy
  • Adventures


  • Water
  • Being cleaned
  • When the red dot thingy disappears
  • When the cupcakes have gone
  • His own tail (Thinks it's up to mischievous things)


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  • Really frickin cute and adorable
  • Extra fluffiness
  • Has the awwwwwww factor
  • Knows 4 types of kitty boxing
  • Sneaky like a ninja

(Yes this is a serious bio :p)