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Name: Seth Marquise

Supername: Tails

Alignment: Lawful-Good

Universe: CVnU

Age: 18

Height: 6'2ft.

Weight: 170lbs.

Hair Color: Green

Skin Color: Green

Eye Color: Green... ya get it yet?

Place of Birth: Lima, Peru (he was raised in New York).

Identity: Known publicly.

Occupation: Formerly hero for hire, currently looking to become a normal student.

Origin: Took a little escapade into the jungles of South America, met some Mayan Nature Gods, turned green, cool cool.

Monikers: Lil Beastie, Seth Green, Ekchuah.

Grid Points:

Agility- 6

Durability- 4

Energy Projection- 0

Fighting Ability- 4

Intelligence- 3

Mental Power- 0

Speed- 3

Stamina- 4

Strength- 5 (Five tons, not 75...)

Powers & Abilities: Wrath of Nature

  • Ferocious Physicals- Despite Seth having a relatively meager appearance and demeanor aside from his obvious green skin, his body is in a state of superhuman perfection. Using a combination of DNA from some of Earth's mightiest creatures, as well as some ancient magical knowledge from certain annoying spirits, he uses his ability to manipulate his own body to keep himself at this level at all times. It took effort at first, but now he's able to subconsciously do it; with these physicals comes superhuman agility, a healing factor, and five-ton strength.
  • Bestial Mastery- His most apparent and unique ability is obviously his power to add animal additions to his own body, such as claws, wings, fangs, and tails. Or, alternatively, turn completely into any animal he pleases. It's to be noted that, although he's transforming into a completely different creature, that creature maintains Seth's superhuman abilities; and they are multiplied appropriately. His T-Rex isn't anything to scoff at.