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If you've got a good story, then lets do something.

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Pops head in...This is good... Leaves to get Pho

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Im here for this... (claps hands in approving manner)

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I'll try my best not to get emotional...


When I first started, I literally had no idea of what rpging was about, or that it even existed. As per usual, everything that I've come to love in my life, I stumbled upon this website, when I googled Scarlet Witch vs Domino, which brought me to the battles page, and my eyes had never seen so much awesome light. This was all back before vine 2.0 when we had enemies and allies, and the comments section was on the right side of your personal profile page. Charmcaster lead me to Celestrion, who taught me everything about RPGing...I MISS YOU GIRLLLL!!!! My first battle was with her, and my first story which was Mist Realms (remember that yall) That was back when you had to put *** and stuff to make your sentences and words italicized or emboldened.

Sha/Feral Nova/Mistress Redhead

They've kicked my ass more times than I care to admit. True legends around here, and on the vine period. I love you girls, sincerely. You've both inspired me and pushed me to become a better writer than just resting on my laurels. I really could spend all day noting some of the more significant things, but no one has that kind of time lol. You inspired me to not be afraid to be different, and not be afraid to say whatever it is thats on your mind. (looking at you Sha) But in the end, it all worked out for the better. TACKLE HUGS

Holly Cross

TEARS!!!! My first team leader, one of the best writers that have even graced the vine. Underrated. You lead me, and taught me so much about how to be on a team, how to flow with writing, how to conserve your power, how to show off that power. I owe a lot to you.


I have always been keen on strong, empowered female characters (hence my undying infatuation with Storm) But you two guys made me better at writing with just how strong you were as people and characters. I never tried to model myself after you at all though (although, I literally fanboyed when I got to work with you at all in any capacity, even if we never actually interacted lol) because I couldn't. Instead, you inspired me to fully realize a character. Make him unique and flawed. Give him a realness, a character that was defining and lasting. So thanks.

Icarus Flies/Portrait, every other alt you have

The prodigal daughter. What can I say. Even though you started after me, you literally took the site by storm. Everyone loves you. We met randomly in person and you were such a delight. Anyway. YOUUU inspired me to dare to be different. If I had a crazy idea for an rp, or any other thing, I could rest easy knowing there was probably nothing as crazy as you'd already come up with. LOL. You're cool. And sometimes I still go back and read that amazing, amazing post you wrote about having to leave Portraits daughter or something...plus our ongoing Rivalry!


Wherever you are bro...TACKLEHUGS. When you came to the vine, I believe you were the only person to rival the heavy swagger of Gambler. NO LIE. You inspired me because you taught me that characters don't have to be constantly on edge. They can chill sometimes. Also, remember that one rp we did, and everyone started to think we were a thing, and started to ship us. LMFAO. Anyway, you're cool. Also, I believe if was you that started the trend of using models/celebrities for their what their characters actually looked like. So that's an all around inspiration.


MAAAAAAAN I USED TO HATE YOU SO MUCH. But then I grew up and just thought you were a hilariously nice guy. You took being evil to a whole new level. When I created Malice Wonderland, I had to think, what can I do with this character that DC hasn't already done lol. You inspired me to think outside of the box when it came to deviance.

I think that's it for now...lol

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@abel_knightfall: I'm up for anything. I'd prefer a heavy story, but anything will suffice!

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As serious as this all was, I can't help but to think..."It's all some big joke...We're all cartoons" Watching him slip and slide and finally eat a big one was amusing in the strangest way, and indescribable way.

I set my eyes one him though, unwavering concentration. Which was my mistake because I completely ignored the metal thingumabob, no doubt a grenade. I'd had ample experience with the silly little killers. I tried to jump back, take flight and gain as much distance between this point, but it was a useless effort. Too much time had been taken realizing what was going on. It was something that I'd always lacked...Instinct, intuition, that gut feeling. Call it what you will, I'd always used my logical thought processes, (despite me taking a drink before this) to get me through. I was alive, and that counted for something.

BOOM! It went off. The explosion was confusing at first. There was no damage to the ice, meaning I'd created it to be stronger than I originally thought. An interesting note, maybe the wildcard was in my hand of cards after all? But it was still an explosion, and it did it's job. And that was to cause destruction. But the heat was intense enough to burn my esophagus. I couldn't see but...

I felt it then. The shift. The shudder. I heard it. The creaking and the listing within the structure. Opportunity, I summoned my telekinetic abilities, reaching within the crevices of the floor and the walls and the ceiling. There was a great crunch, and the portion of the hallway collapsed in on itself, with both of us in it. We crashed onto the next floor, where I tried to slithered out.