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Character Creation Form

  • Name: Your character's name, or names.
  • Aliases: Any other names your character likes to go by.
  • Gender: Self explanatory.
  • Date of Birth: Bear in mind that pretty much everyone born prior to 2121 will have been hunted down.
  • Class: Should be either Basic, Premium or Runt, only exception being those who predate the system.
  • Faction: Either the Resurgency or the Coalition, though third parties are also fine.
  • Specialism: Are they a runtkiller? A politician? Feel free to go into detail on their role in this world.
  • Mini-bio: A short introduction to your character, how they ended up in their situation and what they are fighting for, etc.

Pictures are also good :) either post your forms here or via PM, cheers! Any suggestions for additions to the form are also appreciated.

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@lena_dante: Nice. You got any plans for her mommy? I have a particular interest given that she probably met Guy/Stacy/Kingsley et al. back in the nineties >.> haha

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To anyone still interested (this is @premiumrook here), this will hopefully still be happening at some point. Unfortunately, I need to wait for Pyro to get back here cause he's kinda important.

However, if there's enough interest I'd certainly be up for running an RPG as a preliminary story, to help build towards the big final battle of 2199.

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@lena_dante: Easy to see how that inspired Lena somewhat :)

Though as someone who is totally not a Superman fan, I certainly like Lena better, lol

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@surkit: Haha, well I was kinda waiting for people to come forward and fill certain roles. Didn't wanna go to the effort of creating an NPC evil-dictator-dude if someone else was interested in taking on that role.

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