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@pyrogram: Honestly I'm not even sure THAT will put him down, lol, but fortunately I don't see anything in his bio to suggest sun-dipping will make him stronger... >_>

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@pyrogram: Thanks. Wasn't sure whether to use that idea now or save it in case I need it later (don't wanna just spam the same moveIF I do progress any further) but there was literally nothing else I could do, Tranquil really had me on the ropes, lol

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@pyrogram: Nope, nuclear fusion... I think. Used a couple of websites but my primary source was Wikipedia, so could be wrong >.<

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I REALLY hope my last post made sense... >_>

Hopefully my poor knowledge of physics hasn't cost me the KOV xD

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@tranquil: Made my final post, hope you have time to reply! >_>

I ain't no physicist, but hopefully that move made sense in a comic-book-physics kinda way xD

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It became abundantly clear within a few short moments that the boy's strategy had failed miserably. The cloak of light acted as a barrier to the outside world, and the Air Apparent had no need to breathe. It was an entirely useless tactic.

Fortunately, evaporating the water was only the first stage in Hesperus' plan.

Augustus was a Child of Jupiter, able to manipulate the electromagnetic force. On the surface, the two obvious applications of this were control over electricity and magnetism. Hardly a complicated power. And yet, the Children of Jupiter have spent decades furthering their study of this force, furthering their knowledge of the limits and application of their power. Though he was young, the boy was an excellent student. He had learned that electricity was more than plug sockets and lightning bolts, it was the life blood of the universe. Brains and bodies function through electrical synapses, without it, there would be no such thing as life. And yet, it goes deeper. Without electricity, matter itself would not exist. All matter is made up of building blocks, of incomprehensibly tiny particles. These particles possess an electric charge. Electromagnetic manipulation was far more than it seemed. It allowed Hesperus command over matter itself.

Using magnetic fields, he channelled the water vapour into a column, surrounding both combatants. The swirling hurricane of mist encompassed the two of them, as the man monologued and the child concentrated. Grinding his teeth together, Hesperus began to search out every molecule of water that floated in the air, mentally latching onto each and every one of them as his enemy spoke. He had moments to put his plan into action.

"Accept defeat, recover, and face me again when you have grown. I would look forward to that battle." Tranquil looked kindly at his opponent, pleading with him to abandon the fight, before it was too late.

"You have the gall to threaten me? You genuinely believe that your victory is inevitable? Take your pity and your mercy elsewhere, I have no need of it!" Hesperus screamed at his foe, the twisted parallel between them apparently lost on his arrogant mind. While the child looked a pitiful, battered and blood mess, his foe stood upright and confident, untouched beneath a shield of light. "I do not 'battle' for honour, or respect, or any other ridiculous notion! I fight to survive, I fight to learn, and I fight to kill." Augustus glared daggers at Tranquil as the man geared up for a punch. "There will be no 'next time', for you will not live to see it. Today, victory belong to--!"

Interrupted by his rampaging enemy, Hesperus took a blow to the face, blood spurting from his mouth as he wheeled backwards in mid-air. Then, raising his legs as Tranquil made to continue his flurry of punches, he planted both feet on the knuckles of the next oncoming punch (one of the advantages of his minuscule frame and tiny feet). Using the power of his foe's attack as a springboard, Augustus was launched into the distance at breakneck speed with a bloody smirk, as his trap was triggered. The instant his feet left their improvised jumping platform, the entire area was engulfed in a ear-wrenching explosion of pure energy.

Using his powers, the child had been using the blinding heat as an energy source to break the atomic bonds of the poisonous steam, separating the hydrogen from oxygen. He then set about a much more difficult task, one he had not personally attempted before, though he had been taught the theory by his elders: fusion. By magnetically driving the hydrogen molecules together, again using the ambient heat energy resulting from the microwaves bombarding the battleground. The hydrogen atoms began to collide together, forming helium and generating massive amounts of energy, in fact the same way that the sun produces its energy. And so, a miniature sun exploded into being around Tranquil, as Hesperus attempted to engulf his enemy in the most powerful explosion he could possibly muster. The Flash Cloak may provide protection, but that protection must have its limits. Augustus hoped, as he soared away into the distance, refusing to look back, that the intense energy of his newly created star would reveal that limit.

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@icarusflies: Bugger, now I have to make another post... I'm not sure I have any more tricks left! xD

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@tranquil: Keep posting as Eclipse accidentally >.<

There it is, not my best, but I had to get something up before bed. This has been fun!

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"Pathetic." The child sneered as his attacks succeeded and his powerless foe fell to his doom, vanishing into the murky depths below. Augustus' arrogance was boundless, boasting about the ease of victories which in reality were hard-fought battles. He lived in a delusion, in a world where he was the hero and no-one else mattered in the slightest. There was no respect for his fallen opponent, no sense that his enemy had fought well. Hesperus cared for no-one, believing that he was the centre of the universe, a superior being. Why would he waste his time caring for lesser beings? Why would he treat them with any honour? Why would he respect them? Does a lion respect his prey?

As he gloated, the waters bubbled, and his misconceptions about his own importance were soon to crumble around him.

Tranquil erupted from the foamy waves, encased in a cloud of light and flame, as the Air Apparent rocketed into the sky. Too shocked at this miraculous reappearance to even consider a counter attack, Hesperus was dumbfounded as a fist was blasted into his chest. Fortunately, his chest was covered by the metallic sling in which his broken arm rested. Unfortunately, this was no ordinary punch. The metal splintered as soon as Tranquil's skin made contact, his fist sliding easily through the tear; his knuckles collided with the assassin's forearm, breaking the bone just below the wrist. The blow somewhat cushioned by his useless arm, the punch still continued, as Hesperus was sent hurtling into the sky. More cracks emanated from his chest, as the force even broke ribs.

In the previous battle, Augustus had used his powers of neuron manipulation to deaden his feeling of pain. In this fight, he had no such privilege. Pain seared his brain and burst forth from his lips in a scream of agony. Almost blinded by the pain, Hesperus grit his teeth and glared through the tears at his hated foe, hunched over due to the pain in his ribs. The waters had weakened his powers and even his body, his muscles felt heavy and dead as the child hung in the sky. He could do little to physically challenge his enemy and even his powers were limited now. He lacked the energy to summon lightning bolts or electroport. The battle called for something a little more... inventive.

All light is just electromagnetic radiation, oscillating at a particular frequency. For one like Hesperus, who was able to manipulate the electromagnetic force, one of the four fundamental forces of the universe, it would be incredibly easy to adjust that frequency. It was a simple enough trick, though seldom used due its potential disastrous results. Desperate times call for desperate measures. Sling now shattered, Hesperus' crumpled right arm hung at his side, the crescent-mark on the back of his palm beginning to glow white-hot as darkness enveloped the arena. Slowly the sun seemed to lose its glow, as with a mere thought Augustus lengthened the waves of radiation, converting the particles into microwave radiation.

Now, rather than giving off visible light, the sun was blasting down microwaves, which immediately began to heat up the battleground. The endless ropes began to char, some bursting into flame, but the most dramatic effect was on the waters below. The heat was causing the entire ocean to evaporate, as the water vapour began to rise, surrounding the Air Apparent instantly. Hesperus was protected by a magnetic field, maintaining a breathable atmosphere around himself, but if Tranquil breathed the now toxic air, the enchanted vapour would drain his powers even more. Altering yet more waves, Hesperus increased the frequency, creating ultraviolet, x-ray and gamma radiation around his enemy. The radiation encircled him, as the giant-killer hoped that the inivisible rays would tear through his opponent.

It was not a visually impressive attack, what with the majority of the damage being invisible and the arena now in a shroud of darkness, but Hesperus did not care for flashiness, he simply wanted to get the job done.

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@mercy_ said:

The truth hurts.

Not always.

Ice cream is delicious!

... See, that was true, and it didn't hurt. Ice cream never hurt anyone. Except lactose intolerant people. But hey, they should know better than to eat ice cream, I mean come on dude, it has cream in its freaking name, of course you can't eat it, you're lactose intolerant! Idiot. Now I want ice cream. I'm also tired and rambling because I stayed up late writing my KOV post and then Youtube was there and now it's 3.30am... GOODNIGHT SORRY TO BOTHER YOU