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Need to drop something with Thief, though probably not in the rp LoS vs Equalizers it's probably to far along. Also got a Fang reply to do besides that though I'm more or less caught up again.

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She stood at the gates of the US capital her hair a vermillion mess from the constant fighting. Confident the mutant populace was small by now and that any allies caught in the blast would be worth it the energy in her body was unsealed. And in a flash of light Azrayne was gone, dispatched on an atomic level as she attempted to remove the head of parliament in a singular act. Heroes stopped that unwelcome end, sparring the U.S from falling. And sense then the nuclear archangel was gone. The world considered her dead be she a suicidal veteran, a martyr of the cause or a terrorist in ones eyes she was gone.

That was until a WMD fell upon the calm waves of the Columbian waters. A mushroom cloud blossomed into the sky and to many this was the moment a war had sparked. Already hours into a brutal confrontation, nobody had been paying any mind to where the bomb was dropped. No time to worry about the eco system or those blown away when all Columbia was being painted by war. However at ground zero of the strike an event did occur. As the radiation levels dropped as if a vacuum was drawing it in sparring the world of the toxic backlash.

As the energy was drawn away to a single point a body started to form constructed by the radiation and heat volatile to most. Azra was born again in nuclear fire her firey hair and nails long from over a year of being gone. It'd been like a coma for her simply drifting in slumber till now. Once the atomic bomb was used again however the nuclear elitist was allowed to wake up. Forest green eyes rapidly blinking in effort to readjust to the light. Using telekinesis to create a platform the woman began the walk to the beachs of the war torn state. She recognized one half of the armed forces, it was the side she'd been on for so long. Who led it, what was the soldiers like Azra didn't know and she didn't need to, she had a side.

Walking to a store, one of those little shops found selling surf boards and other beach contents. The shops were fewer then in say the states, Columbia had lush green life around the shores. It's water clear and blue, it's beauty picturesque and hard to rival to many. After a years worth of being asleep the soldier had to admit she liked the idea of treating herself well. And being abandoned from war there wasn't anyone to get in her way.

Grabbing a pair of clippers in the small store the mutant cut her nails to a more manageable state. Planting herself on a counter and using the window reflection as a mirror she brushed out her hair. Treating the store like a bathroom all while in the distance was the song of bombs and gunfire. Satisfied with her physical appears certain the radioactive princess finally bothered to dress herself taking a black swimsuit a pair of low cut shorts and a black tank top. The top bore a logo Azra didn't know but she couldn't be picky, relaxed as she was there was still a job to do. Grabbing a sports backpack the mutant bomb shell raided the coolers of various drinks. Lastly as she swung the backpack over a shoulder she grabbed a pair of sunglasses and a water bottle on her way out.

Exiting the shop sating dry lips with refreshing water a group of drug cartel based soldiers pulled up. A small patrol of the coast line was all it was however they knew the mutant the moment they saw her and opened fire. A turret mounted on the trucks back and two AK 47s spat rounds her way, to which Azrael simply swiped her hand aside. With that simple gesture the bullets riddled the side of the store instead of her. Her previous mirror of a window shattering instantly and the cash register sparked. A twitch of her index finger and suddenly there was a sound like thunder a roar familiar to those involved. A scorching flame danced along the brush and glassed crator of sand stood where a truck had just been. Nothing left but dust swirling in a miniature mushroom cloud. She took another sip of water as her flip flops patterned against her pavement her walk anything but rushed or concerned.

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@cutthroatbitch: @soliton: of course I can't use gifs and focus more on art with some games at times. If I was looking for extra gifs though or using a RL look it'd probably be Katniss

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@maverick_6: I only just now got through chapter one, and while I know there's two more weapons to come the combo system just isn't there. Love them or hate them this kind of game is reliant on a fun combo system. From Batman to Bayonetta, from games like Deadpool to Devil May Cry list of games goes on of an engaging combat system. Yet this game despite being ripe for outlandish ideas with a minigun pepper shaker, an umbrella shield, rabbit bombs, and the vorpal blade has no diversity to it. Made even worse by the fact that you have the ability to teleport double jump hover and shrink at any time! So much could be done with these controls, I literally could design a traditional combo upgrade tree right now with minimal effort.

I instantly fell in love with the art style but was also instantly crushed by controls that even the worst Dynasty Warriors clone could surpass

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How can you be screwing up even this game EA <.< seriously it looks beautiful and is super inventive with level design and yet so far Alice Madness Returns has some of the most underwhelming combat mechanics ever

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@lady_liberty: I stand corrected lol heat or strength really shouldn't work

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I foresee arrow mods for Alex

Awesome stuffs by the by

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Castle Bran was, well wasn't her home the true domain of Vlad. Funyad and Penari were the centerfold of the legacy and had a historical conection to the finest name of all the vampires. Bran was insulting, a keep visited three four times at best by her and her father. In no way was it the Castle Dracula it'd be like a child calling Disney Land their place of residence. It left a undoubtably foul taste in the daughters mouth. It was allready bad being the Glutton it was far from the title the well built vampire wanted. It was a fitting title as she almost never left her food alive and how she did everything in excessive quantity but still that didn't mean she aproved.

Nothing left her more sick more insulted and more enraged however when she ventured into the gift shop. Within the weathered yet still majestic castle was the atrocious room of product placement gimics and tacky material in general. Wasn't long before the entirety of the shop was set ablaze the store owner was hanging from the fan by his entrails held up in the macabre position synonymous with her families name. The heads of the three assistants were draped over the lights heads hollowed out so that feintly the light itself would shine from vacant sockets. And after that she felt slightly better about the place.

Venturing into the dining hall her distain was audible in soft spoken rambling about the ubsurdity of such marketing. Such as "who would want dad as a child mascot? Why does there choice look seem like an idiot? Why celebrate the novelized moderately inspired when there is the real deal." Hands still slick with the blood of idiots the self titled princess of vampires took a seat resting feet on the table and gleefully licking the gore from her hands. "Nyphixa right? You should stick with the pantless look. She devils are just to pretty to be burdened by clothes less they want to be." Seeing a being associated with hell was far more welcoming then the accursed store she burned down and splattered with gore.

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