Brio & Antiphon the first celestial and watcher.

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Despite the obvious appearance and title similarities between the watchers and Antiphon, does it actually state anywere that they are the first Watcher and Celestial? I have every issue the Proemial gods appear in and i cant see it stated anywere. unless it says it in a handbook or something. 
I mean Brio doesnt even look like a Celestial.
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@scuzz2.0: Know you right she does not if she is a she, but until Marvel tell us otherwise is just a guess
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@scuzz2.0 said:

I mean Brio doesnt even look like a Celestial.

I always assumed that the Celestials were some kind of artificial creations, while the watchers are an organic race, so to me, if Bria built them, then there would be no reason for her to look like them. Maybe some kind of similar visual cue yes, but for the most part no.

I mean, if in Star Trek some bye-gone organic race created the Borg, I dont really expect the creators to look like the Borg minus the heavy tech add-ons. For all I know, the scientist that created the first "true" Borg was Trek's version of a sexy Hot piece of blue ass Asari, & in a fan-fic universe that was a focal point in time where creation diverged into the Mass Effect Universe & the 1960-2007 Star Trek Universe.

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