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Orphaned in the Second Great Kanto Earthquake of 2025 when she was barely 12 years old, Priscilla S. Asagiri lived on the streets for the next few years where she had to scramble and fight just to survive.

She fell in with a motorcycle gang, developing her love for high speeds and high performance racing motorcycles; and to make ends meet, she began performing as at various nightclubs and bars as a singer, developing a cult following as the leader of a band of retrothrash performers called the Replicants (Sekira in Japanese).

She fell hard for the leader of her motorcycle gang who stumbled onto a big secret that he told her would be worth a fortune, enough for them to leave Mega-Tokyo behind them. He told her to rendezvous with him and they would leave together. But he never showed up.

 Accidental Death?
Accidental Death?

Priss would discover that he had been killed and the police were turning a blind eye to his murder, ruling it an accident. She gained a loathing distrust for the police and a burning hatred for Genom; whom she suspected to have murdered her lover to keep their precious secrets.

She was found shortly afterward by Sylia Stingray, who offered her a place among the ranks of the Knight Sabers. Fueled by her rage and desire for revenge, Priss accepted.

She is literally deadly with her street honed combat skills, but her frightening savagery and incandescent fury leads her teammates to wonder if Priss harbors a death wish. So far, it had been held in check by her desperate desire to find out the truth behind her lover’s death and avenge him. Providing her recklessness doesn't get her killed first…

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