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Princess Pantha was an expert animal trainer for the National Circus in the United States when she heard of a monster gorilla terrorizing the Tahoua section of French West Africa. She took a safari to try and find and capture this creature, but her safari was attacked by the Kodus tribe. These seven-foot natives killed her guide and bearers, but the expedition had been setting up a loudspeaker machine to play gorilla calls into the jungle to try to lure the monster gorilla. Pantha was out of ammo and nearly captured by the Kodus warriors when she was able to activate the speakers and the loud gorilla cries scared off the Kodus, who thought M'Gana, the monster, was approaching. They left her alive, but with all her companions dead and her supplies trashed. She hid in the jungle, learning to live off the land and befriending the creatures there. Two months later the circus owner, Gilt-Edge Gates, was worried he had not heard from her, so he hired Dane Hunter, famous explorer and adventurer, to go to Africa and try to find what happened to Princess Pantha. When Hunter tracked down the spot that Pantha's party had been wiped out, he thought one of the skeletons was hers, and believed her dead. His party was then attacked by the same Kodus tribe, who wiped out everyone except Hunter. He had shot and killed the chief's son in the fight, so he was taken alive back to the Kodus village where he was to be executed. Pantha, who had been watching the tribe, saw what happened and rounded up a herd of elephants and stampeded them through the village to rescue Hunter. He had been wondering why a poor helpless female would go to Africa. But after he got rescued, he thought better of her abilities. But she kept trying to capture M'Gana and refused to go back to civilization. Hunter spent half of his time trying to talk her out of it and half his time being rescued by her.

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