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This hip-hop retelling of William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet focuses on Tybalt (derisively referred to as “the Prince of Cats”) and his Capulet crew as they do battle nightly with the hated Montagues. Set in a Blade Runner-esque version of Brooklyn, PRINCE OF CATS is a mix of urban drama, samurai action and classic Shakespearean theater...all written in iambic pentameter! Don’t miss this original graphic novel written and illustrated by Ronald Wimberly (SENTENCES: THE LIFE OF M.F. GRIMM)!

Back Blurb

"In Brooklyn Babel, where we lay our scene..."

Forbidden love, sword-stroked violence and heated tongues, all beneath the clanging of subway trains. Like an underground mixtape, PRINCE OF CATS is Ron Wimblery's take on literature's most timeless tale, William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet.

Blood soaks the streets of this violent New York borough, as Tybalt --- the Prince of Cats --- and his Capulet crew wage battle nightly with the hated Montagues. The two warring clans fight their way through high school, swords clashing between barbed insults as they hurl toward an inescapable showdown.

Ronald Wimberly's Prince of Cats remixes urban melodrama, samurai action and classic theater in a Brooklyn fueled by cheap tale-out and neon spray-paint.







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