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During Acts of Vengeance, Loki grouped together Doctor Doom, Magneto, Red Skull, Kingpin, Mandarin and Wizard in a bid to rid themselves of the nuisance of superheroes. Loki also attempted to recruit Apocalypse, Cobra, Mad Thinker and Namor to the group but both declined.


Loki's cabal were created by John Byrne although first written by Dwayne McDuffie.

Team Evolution

The Cabal's plan was fairly solid. They thought the best way to defeat the heroes was a highly organised non-stop assault of attacks from enemies their not used to fighting i.e. the Wrecking Crew vs. Iron Man, Juggernaut vs. Thor, Mandarin vs. the X-Men. The cabal eventually fell apart due to each member's own superiority complexes and a mutually disdain for the Red Skull. Magneto left the team, taking with him a beaten Red Skull whom he buried alive, Wizard was captured and the Avengers fought the rest of the cabal who either made a hasty escape or were subsequently captured.

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