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Mystery in Space

Captain Comet's body was later stolen by the Eternal Light Corporation from Hardcore Station's morgue. The theft didn't go as planned and the the thieves disposed of  Blake' body by jettising it to the nearest sun but something incredible happened as Blake's corpse neared the sun. Blake's corpse still maintained a telepathic link and it connected itself with the telepathic form of the Weird. The process that brought them together was called "Revivification" according to the Weird. However, the connection didn't last for long. Captain Comet's revived body lands at the doorstep of his canine companion Tyrone on Hardcore Station.  

After Comet's return, Comet began to investigate why someone would go through all the trouble to steal his corpse. First, Blake pays a visit to Star Hawkins, an old man who keeps himself well informed on operations that take place on Hardcore Station but Hawkins is immediately killed during mid conversation with Blake. Blake could sense a psychic pulse was used to kill Hawkins from inside his mind. As a telekinetic, Blake also has the ability to deliver this deadly blow but he has never been tempted to use it. Afterwards, Blake is attacked by three of Deacon Dark's telepathic followers but he manages to escape by discovering his newfound ability to teleport.   

Blake made his way back to Tyrone's apartment and he asks Eye, his former girlfriend, to call in every head of each financial district in Hardcore's meta-community to get answers. Blake informs the representatives of the meta-community that he is alive, Star Hawkins has been murdered and three telepathic thugs tried to place a neural barrier on his head while kidnapping him. Blake brings up the pyramid insginia that he saw on the kidnappers and one of the representatives informs Blake that he must have been attacked by monks of the Eternal Light Corporation. Blake decides to infiltrate the corporation by disguising himself as one of the monks and teleporting to a covert location within the corporation.

As for Comet, Blake enters the church undetected and discovers Deacon Dark's cloning facility where all of Dark's telepathic followers are grown. It seems the theft of Blake's corpse was not a total failure. The thieves managed to make off with some of Blake's DNA for the cloning process. Deacon Dark immediately senses Comet's presence so he and his monks go to intercede. Comet. Dark unleashes his pyrokinetic fury on Comet while the monks use their psychic pulses to restrain Blake. Fortunately, Blake takes the upperhand by setting off charges he left in the cloning lab. Dark and his monks are distracted by the explosions while Blake teleports out of the church. 

Unfortunately, Comet was attacked by the League of Insect Assassins. After destroying a swarm of insectoids, Blake managed to teleport back to Tyrone’s apartment despite the injuries he sustained. Since Blake was in no condition to surrender himself to the deacon, one section of the city was wiped out by asphyxiation. Deacon Dark used the station’s functions to release the air from one of the financial districts into the vacuum of space. Eye finds Blake being revived by Tyrone’s medical droids. Eye fills Blake in with the latest developments so Blake takes the initiative by telling Eye to start a distraction at Entreplaneteur’s Inc and Blake will set some charges in key locations while dressed as a monk.  

Eye's distraction worked and Blake was successful at planting the charges. Blake then he calls out to Prime-7 by taunting him that he is a mere lackey of the deacon and as a result of his anger; Prime-7 rallies every telepathic monk to converge on Comet’s location. Comet was playing a huge gambit by counting on Prime-7’s influence over Deacon Dark’s monks but it worked. The remaining battalion of monks attacked Comet but he had an explosive booby trap prepared especially for them. The monks believed they had an advantage over Comet but when he teleported, he set off the booby trap thus killing all of Deacon Dark’s telepathic monks.  

Blake’s victory was short lived because the deacon homed in on Comet’s location and opened a portal that unleashed the Weird. Unbeknownst to Blake, Deacon Dark made another attempt to manipulate the Weird into serving him which was successful this time. The Weird and Comet fought for a brief moment until Comet telepathically reached out to the Weird thus allowing Blake to destroy the corruption that Deacon Dark placed inside of the Weird’s mind. The Weird and Blake make amends then they divide up their efforts to put an end to Deacon Dark. As for Blake, he detonated the charges he left after Eye's brilliant distraction. Both Prime-7 and the Eternal Light Corporation were sucked into the vacuum of space.

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