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How're Yee?

Love this one. It's a favourite.
There're very few Irish characters in comics and with Cassidy's cousin Sean Cassidy run over by an areoplane over in X-men this mad vampire will always have a place in my heart and long boxes.
The story opens with Cass' on the run. He's got himself in a spot of bother with the local sherrif and it's time to move on.
One quick meal later and Cassidy's postponing a trip to New York after sniffing out some thing he's gotta investigate in New Orleans.
A short stroll through the streets of the big easy and Cass' has found soem thing he's not encountered in all the years since he was turned. Another vampire.
He doesn't realise how wrong he is when he welcome Eccarius with, "you're like me".
Cassidy quickly learns Eccarius is embodiment of every vampire cliche ever and begin's the task of teaching him to be a real person.
He's got his work cut out. Even going as far as red contact lenses Eccarius is pretty attached to his goth style.
After a trip around a few bars and even getting to see some boobage the Eccarius takes cassidy to meet Les Enfents Du Sang who are big fan's.
Hight point for me here is Roger. I might be wrong but seems Ennis might be taking a little dig at fellow Vertigo auter Niel Gaiman. I know I did a little lol. 
Unimpressed Cass' quickly refuses a drink, get's in a fight and shoves Niel...sorry...Rogers poetry down his throat and the boys are back to their night out in the big easy.
Cassidy decides if he's gonna teach Eccarius what it's like in the real world he's gotta step it up.
Trip to the church, few drinks later, a return trip to Les Enfents and it seems every thing's working out. Eccarius is ready to function in polite society......but it never goes that easy does it?
Cassidy finds he's gotta make a hard choice regarding his new friend before heading off to bigger adventures and a whole other set of friends.
If you're an Ennis fan you gotta read this.
 Gylan Thomas is the author of several under rated blogs and a clumsy review of The Scorpion: The Devils Mark that made the front page. 
He has been a comic book fanboy since dirt was new and really needs to find a girlfriend and get out more often.

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