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Power Pack, Professor Gilbert and Dagger have been taken prisoner by the drug cartel. They are joined in captivity by Dragon Man, who has been given orders to kill Dagger if anyone tries to escape. Professor Gilbert explains that Dragon Man is a slave to the controller than causes him pain and erases his free will. Julie suggests that Gilbert might be able to construct a device that would interfere with the controller with the left-over electronic equipment in the room. He does, and Dragon Man regains his free will.

The team escapes from the cartel's headquarters and heads to the Seaport, where Cloak is being forced to provide "protection" for a drug delivery. In the ensuing fight, Jack knocks Diangelo, the leader of the cartel, from the top of a building and nearly kills him. Dagger intervenes to save his life; telling herself that Power Pack should not lose their innocence.

Gilbert regains control of his "monsters" and the members of the drug cartel are arrested. It is later learned that Professor Gilbert has taken up a post in Disneyland, creating animatronic creatures for the park.

The Power kids return home and bid farewell to Cloak and Dagger. Katie, who has come to idolize Dagger, convinces her and Cloak to whisper their real names to her.

Guest stars: Cloak & Dagger; Dragon Man

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