Would you want to see Power Girl & Huntress return to earth 2?

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I would like powergirl to be like she was pre-52 instead of how she is now

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i agree i miss the old amanda conner pg.

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Only if it means Levitz is no longer writing them and PG gets treated with some actual respect...

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Yes, but Karen has to stay PG in that costume and Huntress has to stay Huntress and take Damian Wayne with her.

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At this point I really wish they would put these two back on Earth 2. The idea that both of them have been operating for so long and nobody is aware of them up until now is 1) a stupid plot point and 2) lazy writing by both the creative team and the editors.

But really, I wish they had never brought them into the new 52 as they are. One of the big points of the new 52 was supposed to be trimming down the list of characters in order to bring new readers in to a simplified universe and keep fan favorites for long-time fans. Power Girl and Huntress are a perfect example of how that didn't happen.

- DC should have stuck with Power Girl (a character with rising popularity and sales due to her solo title prior to Flashpoint) as Superman's cousin and not brought us another iteration of teenage brat Supergirl (a falling character in popularity and sales prior to Flashpoint). Would I make some changes to Power Girl, yes, but as a character/personality/secret identity/etc I've always enjoyed reading her adventures than the modern takes on Supergirl (minus Linda Danvers, she had a good solo series as well).

- Huntress should have remained as is as she's always been a popular character (though not a great solo series one) and is a nice foil to other characters in the Birds of Prey and Bat Family titles

- Batwoman should have been assigned to Earth 2 (Have never enjoyed Batwoman or her series and I'm also not a fan of having so many characters with the same type of name.....Superman/Supergirl/Superboy, Batman/Batgirl/Batwoman/Batwing, Robin/Red Robin) as I think the character would have more impact based on how Earth 2 is being written. Her origin would remain largely the same Kate Kane, altered to being younger than Bruce Wayne enough that she's in her mid-to-late 20's at this point, and taking on the mantle of Batwoman to use the mystique that Batman left behind (its not been made clear in Earth 2 if people know Bruce was Batman but considering how many people died at the end of the war his death could easily be explained as occuring during the massive bombardment and thus Kate wouldn't necessarily know who Batman really was).

Along those same lines I don't see why Jason Todd and Roy Harper shouldn't be in Earth 2 rather than New Earth. Would have preferred Jason Todd stay dead in New Earth and either work freelance or in the World Army alongside Roy Harper (as Red Hood and Arsenal). The new 52 was the perfect point to let Jason stay dead and really give his death meaning to Bruce (to my knowledge he wasn't an extremely popular character prior to Flashpoint) even if that meant tweaking some Batman canon (which for some reason, alongside Green Lantern, seems to be completely taboo at DC but not to their other main characters).

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I prefer Helena Wayne on earth 2 and Helena Bertinelli on the main earth. For a main earth Power Girl, can invent a new origin not related to Krypton.

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@colonyofcells said:

I prefer Helena Wayne on earth 2 and Helena Bertinelli on the main earth. For a main earth Power Girl, can invent a new origin not related to Krypton.

So make her a Daxamite?

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There is still some demand for Helena Bertinelli outside of comics since she is being used in the Arrow tv show. Would be nice to see a main earth team with characters like Michael Holt, Courtney Whitmore, Helena Bertinelli, Power Girl, etc. For a main earth Power Girl origin, maybe go with an earth origin bec. Dc already has too many origins about super heroes from Krypton, Paradise Island, Atlantis, Mars, Thanagar, etc.

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I would love to see the ladies return to earth 2 and fill the shoes of of their predecessors, becoming the leaders of the hero community just as Superman and Batman would have. They need to take Captain Marvel /Shazam with them as well.

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They should be returned to Earth-2 where they wouldn't be redundant. And the series should be given to another creative team. I am very disappointed in Levitz's work after the great job he did with the Huntress miniseries, I was expecting great things. Well, that didn't pan out.

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I think Levitz should get off the title and it given to someone with enthisiasm for it and the characters. Though I'd rather PG and Huntress stay on main earth (because I know DC doesn't usually care about alternate earths), maybe it would be better to have them move back to earth 2. They could become leaders and mentors to the young heroes just like PG was in Geoff Johns run on JSA.

Though idealy I'd want them to start a Justice Society on main earth.

And I'd really rather PG's origin not go through another complete overhaul. I hang my head in sorrow when I think of the her ancient Atlantian retconned origin (Thank you Mr. Johns for re-retconning that)

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I'd be happy if the DC editors returned to our Earth.

Returning PG and Huntress to Earth 2 seems logical, since the roles of Superman and Batman are vacant there. However, this would mean that PG would become Supergirl again (and Huntress would be Robin again). I would not mind PG being Supergirl if she had pre-52 her original/classic persona and physique. (It would give her that "new" costume some people keep asking for.)

One thing I wouldn't like about PG returning to Earth 2 is that Earth 2 seems such an unrealistic place. Everything about it is "alternative", like a bad sci-fi setting. It's not believable.

I'd really like it if they just axed Earth 2 and gave PG a main Earth/universe origin. I don't see the point of Earth 2, especially since it is exactly the kind of complication the New DCU was intended to eliminate. She could just go back to having been rocketed to Earth as a child like Superman and Supergirl.

PG is fine as a Kryptonian, since she is a still distinctive character despite sharing the same planet of origin and powers with other characters. Many non-Kryptonians have some of the same powers as Kryptonians (strength, speed, energy beams, flight etc.). I'd hate PG to be demoted to having powers of a lower grade than Superman or given some silly magical or mystical origin as an alternative. Both of these were tried and did not work well - they probably held PG back from becoming popular. Leave her as she originally was: Superman's bitchin' cousin.

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