powergirl to become new Supergirl?

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In issue 20 of supergirl it would "appear" that powergirl will be taking over supergirl after karas apparent death. Thoughts?

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Ahhmm, somehow I don't think that will stick. I may be fairly new to comics, but I doubt DC would kill off the main character in her own ongoing and replace her at only issue 20. However, if they do, I'm all on board for a new PG onging series.

But, this is some good news for PG. As of now World's Finest (Power Girl, not so much Huntress) has seemed like an isolated island off the mainland that is the nDCU. Looks like PG will finally be integrated into the larger DCU.

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It is probably just a guest appearance by Power Girl so just forget about it.

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I lost interest in PG after the boob window left.

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@RDClip: My prayer have been answered!

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#7 Posted by Crimsonlord53 (1546 posts) - - Show Bio

She's a little to stacked to fit the outfit.

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