My alternate theory for Power Girl.

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Why does PG have a giant cleavage window? There've been many explanations, but here's one that I've always pictured:

She likes showing off her cleavage. And it really explains a lot of things. And if she did just like showing off cleavage, and everybody always demanded she change her costume, isn't that, in a way, kind of slut shaming?

Just sayin'.

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PG has giant cleavage because she has giant boobs (as her creators intended).

Karen showing off said cleavage because she likes to is as good a reason as any. Many women, including feminists, are proud of their assets and many show them off. Doing so doesn't automatically make them a tramp, a slut or anything else derogatory. They're simply proud of their endowments and refuse to bend to convention.

Karen is a strong, proud woman who stands up for herself and never backs down to the men of the DC Universe, so it's perfectly in character for her to be the type of woman who would also be strong and proud enough to stand up to the conventional thinking of conservative men, liberal women and everyone else, too, and simply wear what she wants to wear.

Isn't it amazing how so many so-called open-minded, non-judgemental people have no problem imposing their own senses of morality, decorum or propriety upon this fictional character? What's also amazing, considering Power Girl's horrible new costume, is how well it seems to have worked.

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She has a giant cleavage window because thats what the creator intended. Their is nothing wrong with a woman being proud of her body and showing her assets. We only hope that she be wise with it and mind what kind of people she is around with( do not go into church with your tits or booty hanging out like your in a 50 cent music video, kinda inappropriate) . I love PGs boobs, they look great.

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Thousands of feminists march topless through town centers in Slutwalk protests then harrass comic book fans over a character's costume having a boob window.

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yup.. all these complaints bug me

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Is it more to the body issues that they would prefer her to fit hollywoods image fo skinny beauty?

or just buxom envy

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Powergirl gets covered up like a female olympic athlete from a muslim country and wonder woman is still fighting in the star spangled speedos

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