actress for power girl movie

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I am watching the Oscars and cant help but think that Cameron Diaz if a bit chubbier or well rounded, would make a great Power Girl visually

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probably not the best choice, but it just speed blitzed my mind. any better sugestions? I saw somewhere elisha cuthbert but I still think Cam looks closer

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i would pick tawnya manion or carrie keagan or an unknown as powergirl.

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jessica chastain or christina hendrick cause she'd fine as hell !

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Alice Eve
Alice Eve
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Alice Eve looks like she could pull off the role visually. Im not sure about jessica chastain (cause all I see is her in long red hair) and chritina hendricks for the same reason as jessica but also because she doesnt exactly look like powergirl (unless you're talking about breast size, but admit it, it's extremely hard for hollywood to get someone with that much cleavage)

Tawnya manion looks pretty close but not sure about the hair. But I think she could totally pull it. Carrie keagan.... meh....

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WOW that's so weird, I always thought CD would make a good PG, facial wise. I don't think personalities match as Cameron Diaz seems too soft spoken to be PG (lets not even get into the physical differences)

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I'm not a fan of Cameron Diaz at all so I wouldn't want her playing one of my favorite female characters when I also feel like she's a terrible actress. I'm not sure who I would have play her though, I'll have to think about it and get back to you on it.

@Jorgevy: There is something called hair dye or even a wig lol.

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@Vortex13: I know, I didnt said Cameron Diaz is a good actress, she just has the face IMO

Also, I know there is all that stuff, but what I said is that I couldnt find pics where they had short blonde hair, or any blonde hair at all on google images

@ArturoCalaKayVee: haahha cool!! Physically they are totally different but when I look at CD face it does resemble me of PG xD

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I think an animated series works better for her. It gives her a chance to be visually AND characteristically effective. I have two ideas for a decent VA: Melissa Joan Hart or Laura Prepon. Take your pick.

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