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After discussing her recent defeat of Force with Larry Gonzales of the Justice Department, Power Girl returns to Starrware. However, her trip back is delayed a rampaging super-villain named Hydra. Hydra, like Force, seems to appear out of nowhere and disappear just as quickly.
Back at Starrware, board member Harlan Brooks continues to push Power Girl (as Karen Starr) to sell the company. Back at the apartment, Karen’s roommate Liz Joyce gets a letter informing her of an IRS audit. With all the stress, the girls decide on a night out on the town.
While at club Andres, Karen Starr and the girls are attacked by another villain that appears out of nowhere: Hurricane. Power Girl defeats Hurricane, who again disappears, but not before mentioning a mysterious “master.”
Heading back home, Karen Starr meets “Mongo” Krebs, a karate instructor. Soon after, Karen is attacked yet again by a villain named Pyro. Pyro is also defeated. Karen returns home to find out that Starrware’s offices have been set afire. Deciding she needs to get her self-confidence back, Karen visits Mongo Krebs for some martial arts lessons. 

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