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In a city filled with trust-fund babies and armchair revolutionaries, Heavy Parker rules the punk scene as a benevolent dictator. He sings lead in a local hardcore band. He puts out zines, pseudo-revolutionary material, and flypost propaganda about town. Man, it's good to be king. Or at least it is until Missy, Heavy's girlfriend, goes away for college. How can a guy like Heavy be expected to handle a long-distance romance? Short answer: He can’t. Missy is out of sight and Heavy’s mind is already drifting towards his next sexual conquest. A king can’t be expected to live without a queen, can he? Everything is good again, and Heavy is back on top of the heap. Or at least he is until a new Missy returns, reborn as a true NYC punk and pissed as all hell that a certain poser didn’t wait for her to get out of school on break. And she didn't come back alone! Can Heavy survive a true group of hardcores invading his turf or will he just wind up POUNDED?

Also issued as a Pounded TPB in 2005

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