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Porter Mack was first seen while investigating strange night lights within the borders of his dude ranch, focusing on Buchanan's Butte. Unknown to him the location was the headquarters of Lucifer. Porter was worried that the strange phenomenon, seen twice in a row, would drive customers away from his ranch. Since there were no roads even approaching the location, Mack decided to reach the Butte on horseback. He was accompanied by several of his men, all armed with conventional firearms. Having won the Blue Valley [Utah?] Sharpshooting Contest, Porter was certain he could face any threat.  
He and his men reached the Butte several hours laters, discovering the X-Men also investigating the location. He immediately recognized them from recent news reports. Reports which named them as suspects in a series of bank robberies in New York City and wanted by the police. The culprits were actually Blob and Unus disguised as X-Men. In any case, Porter figured he could claim a reward by capturing them. He and his crew  started shooting at the Angel. Warren had little trouble evading the shots. Porter next targeted Beast and Marvel Girl. Jean immediately used her telekinesis to use his own hat to temporarily blind him, preventing him from taking aim at anyone.  
Meanwhile, Cyclops was demonstrating his rather powerful blasts to Mack's men. Before using them to disintegrate the ground below them, resulting in the cowboys and their horses falling into a nearby river. The men were too terrified to go after the X-Men again. Porter fired the "cowards" and went alone to get his enemies. He managed to silently approach Iceman and prepared to shoot at him. When discovered by Angel who disarmed him and lifted him on the air. Completely defeated, Porter was at the mercy of his foes. Iceman froze Porter's arms and torso, placed him on a nearby horse and set him on a trail back home. Porter was last seen worried of becoming a laughing stock.

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