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Poog's history is not well known, he is silent and mysterious for the most part and when he does speak its in a strange dialect that none seem to understand. 


Created by Mark Crilley who writes and illustrates all his own work and her story published by Sirius Entertainment. While Akiko as a comic covers 52 issues her adventures moved into the realm of the novel with several stories carrying on her odyssey in that format. 

Character Evolution

While he starts off as a mute but helpful addition to the team he soon bonds with Akiko and over a series of strange, dream like events.  they grow an unspoke bond and she even starts to understand some of his infrequent speech.

Major Story Arcs 

In her first adventure Akiko is whipped off to Planet Smoo to rescue the missing prince. She meets her crew of intrepid helpers: Spuckler, Mr. Beeba, Gax and Poog journey around Smoo to find their target.  
In an epic journey they travel Smoo in order to rescue the young prince from the evil Empress Alia Rellapor.
After only a short break Akiko aids Mr. Beeba on his quest for Bornstone's Elixir where Poog plays an important part in keeping the crew safe. 
Later Poog helps Akiko on a diplomatic mission while Mr. Beeba and Spuckler defends the Spuckler family home from destruction.


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