crazy or sane?

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I know a lot of people hate crazy Lorna, but I actually liked it. I loved how great it was when Lorna was going through issues like when she almost killed Prof. X while spatting out how Magneto was right.

Anybody else's thoughts?

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I'd have liked it better if it was done properly and not random outbursts without lead-in.

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im with junkie if they had more story to them the outbursts would have been real anger not just random jiberish

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yes i know the last one was posted a million 106 days ago, but i need to comment. real insane people usually are a little random with their outbursts. they aren't right in the head and have troulbe controlling feelings...i'm not claiming to be an expert, but my uncle was a scitzifenic...among other things. and he was a little random himself.

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She could be described as bipolar!

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i didn't like crazy Lorna

Polaris always seemed like a green haired Jean.

crazy Lo/ Dark Phoenix...regular Lo/regular J....idk....and the whole drama she pulled at the not sexy
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#7 Posted by PolarisJunkie (119 posts) - - Show Bio
Supertxmex said:

She could be described as bipolar!


You mean...BiPolaris??? *hears crickets*
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#8 Posted by Zoom (14751 posts) - - Show Bio
Supertxmex said:
"She could be described as bipolar!"
I know you're joking but I really hope they don't do that.  It would make her a retroactive copy of Magenta, which is stupid.

I mean, Polaris isn't the most interesting character beforehand but making her randomly crazy really didn't help.
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@PolarisJunkie said:

I'd have liked it better if it was done properly and not random outbursts with lead-in.


I thought New X-Men 132 was the lead-in.

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